Cannabis is a flowering plant , it has 3 types of cannabis plants -
1.Sativa – It has highest level of THC and is usually used for drugs/medical sector.
2.Indica – It has low level of THC compared to sativa and is used for industrial purposes, eg: extracting oil.
3.Ruderalis – It has lowest level of THC and is usually used for Hemp cultivation.

Marijuana (Weed)

Cannabis plants grown for extracting THC is usually called marijuana plant. During the Cannabis plants flowering stage, some plants will have white lines and pollen. These are the female marijuana plants of the Cannabis Sativa genus from which the recreational drug is grown.

The female plant is enriched with a psychoactive chemical called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol (which is very low in the male plant) that when inhaled, induces a euphoric and sedate effect. Commonly mistaken as a sedative it is actually a hallucinogenic, albeit a very mild one. Although it is mostly known as a recreational drug, it is also becoming recognized as having many viable medicinal uses.

The male part of the plant is known as hemp and it can’t be used to get high. However, on an up note, it has been successfully utilized to make a thousands of diverse, environmentally friendly products like textiles, paper, oil, rope and canvas.

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System ?

infographic for weed stay

weed time frames infographic

A common question among individuals that use marijuana is, “How long does marijuana stay in your system”. You will find that the time frames for marijuana will vary by how long you use it. You may find that the chemical from marijuana, THC, could be stored within the fatty tissues of numerous organs. This could be stored in these tissues forever. The length of time marijuana stays within your system will vary between each different individual. It could be determined by their fluid intake, how often they use marijuana, their metabolism, and their diet.

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How To Pass A drug test ?

Drug test bottle

Drug test bottle

Drug testing has gotten to be progressively basic that it is no more surprising for work environments and schools to have drug testing approaches. As more endeavours for arbitrary drug tests emerge, so are the individuals who are searching for approaches to pass a drug test. On the other hand, the best and brightest way to pass a drug test stays to be not utilizing drugs whatsoever. A more intensive take a gander at how drug tests function will reveal to you what these tests can get and the possibilities of avoiding a non negative effect.

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