10 Ways to Never Let Your Vehicle Stuck Again…….

the Jayco is a unique innovation from
the PUD Ango company that helps you beat a new path even through the thickest
snow this is accomplished by better traction gotten from an improvement to
previously used snow chain the Dzeko is made from an ultra resistant material
which has been shown to protect tires from the wear and tear associated with
daily use in addition to this the dzeko only requires one centimeter of space
around the diameter of your tire within the rim while it’s centrally positioned
steel plate provides the grip to install the check though all you have
to do is insert it around the tire and place the end into the trigger connector
at this point it’s important to leave the trigger in the up position by
pulling the end this automatically tightens the Dzeko by 12 millimeters
which cause the trigger to be locked into place and the Dzeko itself to be
perfectly aligned with the size of the tire after this you can place the end
back inside the trigger and secure it with the fastening Hall you can make use
of the Dzeko in any tricky terrain including mud grass and snow and with
any type of vehicle or tire with a Dzeko you can always be sure that you’re on
the right track Peg’s austex check the exhaust X Jack is
an emergency inflatable car Jack produced by Australian company
bushranger it came into existence as a means to remove vehicles from muddy
ground quickly and conveniently it’s also remarkably easy to use first you’ll
need to remove the X jack from the back and position it in the most suitable
spot beneath your vehicle it is important to place the side with a
special grip feet next to the ground and to use the included mats to prevent
damage you can either connect a portable air compressor to the valve Inlet or
simply connect the high temperature hose to your exhaust pipe start your vehicle
in fill the air the exhaust ex Jack always make sure that you have a way out
of any money situation tract and go the track endo has been
described as the world’s best wheel driven track system but how well does it
live up to that fearsome reputation well the track and go system possesses a
number of tools to make it incredibly efficient at its shop this includes
rubber tracks which make driving your vehicle feel amazingly smooth and
vibration free compatible with all 4×4 pickup trucks and certain 4×4 SUVs and
enough power to push through the thickest snow the tracking go can also be used in
other terrain requiring power and precision with the sole requirement that
the vehicle on which it is used possesses an automatic transmission and
tires between 31 and 35 inches in diameter if you have track and go then
obviously snow will not scare you Sprinter 900 the Sprinter 900 is your
best bet when your engine suddenly dies on you in the middle of the road this
portable device can carry up to 40 times its own weight and works with wheels up
to 29 inches in diameter the Sprinter 900 also has six special
tires by FX show Borel GmbH which are made specifically for this Dahle portable winches produced by warren
industries these portable winches are some of the most powerful on-the-go
tools for your tough pulling jobs it is almost inevitable that at some point you
would get your motorcycle stuck in the rocky part of a trail and need to have
it removed well the Warrens xt 17 portable winch
helps make sure that you’d be out of that gem in minutes it functions by
means of a reliable gear train powerful motor load holding disc brake and
durable controls the XT 17 includes everything you need and can be
conveniently attached to your motorcycle quad or snowmobile it’s also quite lightweight at 8.5
pounds and can pull weights of up to 1700 pounds with a 40 feet long strap of
synthetic rope the worn drill winch is powered by your standard power drill and
includes 30 feet of wire rope in a 500 pound single line pulling capacity as
well as a free spool clutch that makes rigging fast and easy
whether it’s your motorbike offer a vehicle or just a heavy load worn
portable winches can get the job done portable tow truck
the portable tow truck will lift you out of any sticky situation it is common
knowledge that getting your vehicle stuck in the mud or sand could ruin your
whole day and getting it out can be quite expensive with a portable tow
truck and specially designed mats you can free your vehicle and be on your way
in seconds to do this all you need to do is place the mat under the drive wheels
and roll your vehicle forward it’s that simple the portable tow truck works by using
two sets of cleats the first set is designed to grip the
tire trans while the second set provides traction allowing your vehicle to move
forward in order to ensure safety a component material is long-lasting
polypropylene which is almost indestructible lightweight and extremely
durable so the next time you get stuck just get a portable tow truck and make
your own Road Chevrolet bolt with airless tire tire
punctures are the worst they are inconvenient messy and above all
dangerous to both drivers and bystanders the new Chevrolet bolt with airless
tires developed as a collaboration between General Motors and Michelin tire
therefore comes to fill a very essential need it has been estimated that this
product could help save more than 200 million punctured car tires from the
scrap heap annually consequently reducing the damage to the environment
as well made from a mixture of composite rubber and resin imbedded fiberglass
these tires have a carefully designed internal architecture that enables them
to withstand the pressures of high speed over a long term with little or no need
for maintenance the use of these tires are expected to be totally mainstream by
the Year 2024 and with it we expect a total relief from the Menace
of punctured tires dead men the dead man is an effective
vehicle rescue innovation from dead man off-road this device can help pull your
vehicle from the stickiest of situations no matter your location it’s as useful
in the sand dunes as it is when you’re stranded at the bottom of a steep
incline the dead man is all you need to turn a bad situation around as this
string and lightweight piece of fabric is designed to work as a ground rock or
tree anchor for use when used as a ground anchor it is best
to start by digging a hole 24 inches deep and wide enough to lay the Deadman
flat on the bottom cover the dead men completely leaving the straps exposed
and pack it down well attach the straps to your line and start your winch use
your vehicle to assist in the pole when possible then carefully secure the dead
man the dead man also works great as a rock anchor with a heavy enough rock and
steep inclines can be conquered for use with a tree be sure to anchor near the
trees bottom bush winch the bush winch is an exciting Australian creation
designed to help pull your vehicle out of a tight spot it makes use of your own
vehicles power to get it out of a bad situation and its other advantages such
as its lightweight power n ease of use make it stand head and shoulders above
its peers to use the bush winch you may need to replace your vehicle’s wheel
nuts be able to determine your anchor point and run a rope from the wheel drum
on one side it’s remarkably easy to use and we anticipate no problems in this
regard the bush winch kit includes two Bush winch wheel drums 20 meter ropes
and 12 wheel nuts as well as ground anchors bridles and rope guides the bush
winch helps you lift yourself above your problems and get yours today mat tracks
bad roads generally latest in key situations but mat tracks ensures that
you’ll always pull through this unique device has been sold on all seven
continents and in over 72 countries and is a staple in all domestic and foreign
government agencies the mat track is a true all-terrain track system that
provides optimum vehicle clearance while keeping the track system centered on the
axles it has been shown to improve traction ground clearance reduce
compaction and provides improved flotation for soft terrain its unique
features include rubber torsion and torque suspension as well as track and
tread design all designed and built in the you