2003 Freightliner M2 Side Dump TMA Truck | Truck Demo |  Royal Truck & Equipment

2003 Freightliner M2 Side Dump TMA Truck | Truck Demo | Royal Truck & Equipment

this truck we have available here is a
2003 Freightliner M2 with side dump body and a TMA in
the rear in many street sweeping operations a TMA truck is required as
well with this multi-purpose truck you’re able to dump the debris from the
street sweeper truck right into the side dump instead of having a third truck on
site or having to drive to a different location in order to dump the
street sweeper so starting in the front this freight liner has very low mileage
and directly behind it is a brand new ten-foot SmithCo side dump body the dump
body has two pins on each side giving you the ability to dump on both the
driver and passenger side of the truck if you would like to dump on the driver
side you simply hold the two pins on the passenger side as you can see pulling
the pin releases the hinge from the body now if you’d like to dump on the
passenger side put those pins back in on the passenger side and pull out the pins
on the driver’s side so we’re going to keep the two drivers
side pins unhinged and we’ll hop in the cab and I’ll show you the controls in
order to operate the side dump we must first turn the truck on next flip the master switch on on the
control box followed by flipping the PTO switch
which will illuminate the red light lastly there’s your air switch that
releases the hydraulics and allows you to lift the side dump up or bring it
back down check it out so now that we dumped on the passenger
side if you’d like to dump on the driver’s side you know what to do
repin the driver’s side pins and release the ones on the passenger side also while we’re in the cab check out
this five camera DVR system displayed on the seven-inch monitor these cameras
give you eyes in and around the truck and the DVR system records as long as
the truck is on so in case of an incident you have video footage also
inside the cab there’s this OneTouch system that allows you to control the
attenuator and arrow boards check it out to lower the attenuator you simply click
the blue down arrow which will lower the attenuator and raise the arrow board to change the arrow board this way you
simply click select mode and scroll through your options until you find the
one you want then click enter now meet me in the rear and we can check out
some more cool features along with this truck serving as your TMA truck and a
dump truck there’s a six-foot bed in the back with racks giving you storage space
for any materials sign whatever you need these racks are
heavy-duty steel powder coated yellow that swing open and lock into place
easily also there’s a two step ladder to safely
pull yourself on and off of the truck here at Royal Truck and Equipment were
dedicated in providing you with the highest quality product in the industry
if you’re interested in a multi-purpose truck like this one give us a call