2020 Tesla Model Y electric SUV revealed – price, specs, release date | What Car?

Tesla has unveiled its latest new car – the
fully electric Model Y. And it means Tesla is close to releasing yet
another ambition of its owner, Elon Musk: to literally have a SEXY range of cars. Yes, set to arrive in 2020, the Model Y is
a midsize SUV that joins: the Model S luxury car, the Model 3 executive saloon (which has a
badge that’s styled to be mistaken for an E and would have used this letter had Ford
not already trademarked Model E), and the larger Model X large SUV. Two versions of the Model Y are likely to
be offered here initially: the Long Range, which is capable of around 300 miles between
charges on the US’s official EPA test cycle, and the more powerful and expensive Performance
model, which still manages 280 miles of range. Europe’s WLTP tests haven’t been conducted
yet, technically neither have the EPA ones… However, the fact that the Long Range version
of the closely related Model 3 manages 325 miles on EPA and 338 miles on WLTP gives some
indication of what can be expected, suggesting the Model Y will better the 282-mile figure
of the upcoming Audi Q4 e-tron. The Model Y is compatible with Tesla’s third-generation
Superchargers, which are capable of 250kW charging. A 15-minute charge at one them is
enough for 168 miles of range. And the Model Y should deliver the impressive performance
we’ve come to expect from Teslas, with the Long Range rear-wheel drive version getting
from 0-60mph in 5.5sec, a Long Range all-wheel drive version managing 4.8 seconds, and the
Performance model taking just 3.5sec – about the same as the new Porsche 911. In the US, Tesla is also offering an entry-level
Model Y that’s capable of 230 miles and 0-60mph in 5.9sec, but this is unlikely to
come to the UK to start with. All versions feature a panoramic glass roof
and a massive 15.0in landscape-style touchscreen through which almost everything is controlled,
like in Tesla’s other products. In fact, the dashboard design is identical
to that of the Model 3, meaning it’s incredibly minimalist, while the exterior blends the
closed front end of the Model 3 with a profile that’s more reminiscent of the Model X. Both the Model X & Model Y have an optional
seven seat layout. But, the gullwing doors found on the Model X won’t be used on the
Model Y, which gets frameless, conventionally opening rear doors instead. The Model Y also includes the same self-driving
hardware as the Model 3, which includes Autopilot. It can be unlocked for a fee and upgraded
wirelessly as new features become available. Tesla sold more than 120,000 examples of the
Model 3 last year, making it the world’s best-selling electric car. And given the popularity
of SUVs, demand for the Model Y could well be even higher. In the US, the Model Y Long Range costs $47,000
and the Performance is $60,000. However, UK prices are likely to be significantly higher,
at around £55,000 and £66,000 respectively. For the very latest on what we know about
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