7 Crazy Amazing Vehicles You Must See….

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world of science fun and machines in this episode we’re going to explore the
world’s most coolest and craziest machines which will of course tempt you
really badly so if you have a lot of cash on hand then don’t watch this video
otherwise you might end up throwing your cash on one of these crazy machines so
without further ado let’s start the video Polaris slingshot as the name implies
the Polaris slingshot is a three-wheeled vehicle first produced in 2014 this
Hardy and fictional vehicle was manufactured by Polaris industries to
serve in the motorcycle category and as a result features and no roof doors or
side windows just two bucket seats in the anti-roll bar and the promise of a
breathtaking ride this slingshot is a waterproof 791 kilogram beast powered by
a 2.4 liter inline 4-cylinder GM Ecotec engine which gives it an amazing 173
horsepower at 6200 rpm in order to ensure durability the slingshot is made
with the hardiest of materials including an optional polycarbonate window and
entertainment is delivered through an infotainment system with a 7-inch
touchscreen rear cameras and a Rockford Fosgate audio system this vehicle may be
too extreme for use in your country so it’s a vital that you take a look at the
rules governing its use before springing for prices starting from $19,995 Cabrio Vela the Cabrio Vela was designed
to combine environmental friendliness with fun and convenience this human
powered vehicle has enough room for storage a foldable roof as well as a
complete lighting system to brighten your nights and also features a
detachable child seat in case you’d like to go sightseeing with your kid in tow
the cavea Velo ways and amazing 45 kilograms and pounds with electric
assistance of up to 250 watts depending on the clients requirements most
importantly this vehicle has a range of 100 kilometres and represents the herald
of a gradual change towards environmentally friendly Hetal powered
vehicles DTV shredder the DTV shredder was built to the extreme this unique
combination of motocross bike skateboard and tank was designed by BP G works with
one purpose in mind extreme fun this contact vehicle features a pair of
tank treads driven by a robust 200 cc four-stroke cylinder engine that
provides a steady 14 HP W the shredder functions as an all-terrain vehicle with
control similar to jet skis and the pair of variable transmissions to ensure that
you get the ride of your life driving a shredder is as simple as
deciding what direction you want to go in and hanging on fruit to your life if
you live in the United States and fancy getting one of these babies for yourself
don’t worry the DTV cheddar is approved for use in the u.s. at prices starting
from $5,000 eople d the e foldy scooter is truly
lightweight weighing in at around 17 kilograms this scooter is the second
lightest in the world and has been shown to travel at an amazing 22 kilometers on
just one charge this vehicle combines the best features
of a scooter suitcase and a chair in a compact and lightweight package that is
very portable it comes as no surprise that the equaled a won the award for
their British invention of the year providing a cool portable and fun means
of going about your journey regardless of where you’re headed moto Pogo scooter the moto Pogo is the
loads of fun for the entire family this one wheeled electric scooter
combines the best features of a motorcycle and a pogo stick with its
gyroscopic sensors and accelerometers which ensure that you stay stable no
matter how far you lean this device has been shown to run at speeds of up to 25
kilometers an hour powered by a 60 volt battery and a 500 watt hub motor with
the battery charge times coming in at about four hours and one charge being
sufficient to take you more than 30 kilometres this contact weighing in at
29 kilograms an unusual vehicle is well worth the
retail price of 2000 $35 robo-moe BL the ruble ‘mobile is a
bundle of fun and functionality with its joystick or remote operated controls
myriad of cameras to ensure proper vision and state-of-the-art propulsion
steering and braking functionality makes this wheeled robot as mobile as anyone
could wish each of the four wheels has an independent motion to provide
movement that is as fun to watch as it is to control high-speed turning car one of the
thoughts that comes to mind when observing driverless cars includes how
will they turn a speed making high speed turns is notoriously tricky even for
humans so it’s intriguing to see how this functions the high speed turning
car was designed by Jay Christian gear Dez and his colleagues at Stanford
University using technology modeled on human brains
the result is a vehicle that can drive on a variety of surfaces including snow
and ice and possesses an extremely low tracking error when making turns at
speeds exceeding 50 kilometers per hour thanks for watching which machine has
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