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is morning, usual working day. Everyone is in a hurry somewhere, some people
– to work, others – in their business. The drivers are very nervous and the cars
are honking. It is heavy traffic on the roads – but without
the traffic jam now…. Just guess who is on the bus stop now!? Handy-Andy. Hello! Are you surprise that I’m on the bus stop?! And you are interesting where my car is?! This morning not good story has happened with
my car. When I was driving from my house to the city,
my front wheel fell into a deep hole. The wheel popped! It was so hard that the wheel trim was bent. I could not fix it myself. I had to order new front wheels. So that’s why I’m taking a bus today. Here it is! Let’s go!!! I almost forgot how comfortable these big
buses are! It’s not hot in here and you can see the
road good because of high seats. It’s a pleasure to travel like that!
(discontentedly) …Hey! What is going on? The TRAFFIC JAM…..we even didn’t reach
the bridge!// OMG. Look Mini hit big BMW into rear bumper. Oh! But I still don’t understand why the traffic
is block two ways. I’m going opposite direction of the accident
– but cannot move! I think that something more serious happened
ON the bridge. (worried) OMG!!!… One more accident…..but this one MORE serious! The truck bumped into the gasoline tanker! If the tanker is full of gas, it can be BIG
fire! It can be BIG TROUBLE!!!
(the smoke is coming) OOOOPS! Look – the smoke is coming now! It’s a trouble, my friends, Big trouble! It’s very dangerous! Everything can explode! Oh no! Look – the fire is getting bigger! Not good, not good! The driver from the red car is scared and
screaming. АААААААА
Handy-Andy (terrified) We must do something! Many cars can be damaged and the BIG fire
can start! (calling the firefighters) Hello! It’s very urgent call! The fire is starting on the bridge because
of the accident with the gasoline tank! Come here fast! We need your help! Fast please! The fire truck is on the way, talking on the
radio. «Calling all cars! Attention! There is urgent situation on the bridge! One fire truck is on its way! Need help! Need help!!!!»
Firefighter on the radio. Opps! I didn’t know there is a traffic jam both
ways on the bridge! When I get to the plays of the accident it
will be too late! We need to call the helicopter to help us!!! The fire helicopter on the radio. I’ve heard you!!! Will be there in seven minutes! Firefighter on the radio. Hurry up please! It’s emergency! I’ve stuck in a traffic jam here! The fire halicopter on the radio. Clear! On my way!. Handy-Andy terrified first, then with relief
Firemen, where are you??! Why it takes so long??! // Oh I see the helicopter! Hooray! It came and started to stop the fire with
foam! Remember, my friends, you cannot stop the
fire that started from the gas, using water! The fire can get bigger when the water connects
with the gas! In such cases you should use sand, soil or
foam. I hope the helicopter will be able to stop
this fire. If not – the gasoline tank can explode and
the fire can go on other cars…….and then……Better not to think about that! (With optimism) As I can see, the fire is
getting smaller… Look! Sure it’s smaller! The helicopter did it!!! Hooray! The truck and gasoline tank are covered with
foam now. The danger gone! Good job firemen!!!! Handy-Andy. Oh! I will remember this bus journey for a long
time… I was so nervous! If be honest, I was very scared! I’m glad that this story has happy end! Be very careful with fire, my friends!!! It’s very dangerous and unpredictable thing!!! See you soon! Bye!!!