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In Mandarin, you say ‘Sheiy-Sheiy’ (xiè xiè) for thank you I thought this guy is crazy I didn’t see a wire I really thought he has a problem But he has a wireless earphone ‘Sheiy-Sheiy’ (xiè xiè) In Mandarin that is spoken in China,
you say ‘Sheiy-Sheiy’ for thank you To greet someone it’s ‘NI Hao’ which means Hi By the way, the job is done It’s strange that New York, such a famous city does not have public toilets in the vicinity That too at a busy place like this Where you have buses going in and out from different cities and states I guess my bus is here This is Today is 30th May and not everything is going great I had to go quite far looking for public toilet Greeting a co-traveler Checking up with the Bus conductor At times, it becomes really challenge to follow and understand people because of (I’m deliberately not referring to it in English ) the dialect and accent of the people It becomes difficult to follow at times I had to say that in English anyways Checking with the bus conductor for the commute time Folks, it’s time to get into the bus Good news! I’ve got the front seat There’s also a small washroom at the back in this bus My previous bus from Philadelphia to New York also had it It means that the long distance buses here come with a restroom facility in them Keep guessing what I just said in Hindi Ladies and gentlemen, you can be seated this bus without having to fasten your seat belts This isn’t a flight though, so this vehicle would commence it’s journey towards Boston And if you are probably having a problem comprehending my choice of words right now It implies that you’ve bunked your Hindi language classes and now bear the consequence of it We’ve reached our destination- Boston Thank you Welcome everyone to Boston Boston is a 400-year old city and is a prominent city in the context of American independence struggle For the next two and a half days- today, tomorrow and day after I am going to explore this city Let’s begin Boston with figuring out how do we commute in Boston Whenever you get to Boston by Air You’d need to commute to the city and in and around Well, Boston is one of those cities of US where the public transport system is well established and very effective Boston has both subways and city buses There is a special pass that one buy, which allows one to commute on both subways and buses Generally a single ride would cost a minimum of $2.25 or $2.75 like in New York It’d be very expensive if one has to spend $2.5 for every ride If you are going to travel extensively then it’s better you go for the Charlie Ticket If you have watched my old episodes when I landed here the last time I got a Charlie Ticket done This time I’ll try getting a Charlie Card Charlie Card is a plastic card that is free Just like in Washington and in New York it costs a dollar to get it done It’s a simple card they’d charge a dollar to get this done It is done for free here and then you can top it up as per your need You have two options to top up the card-
1Day pass for $12 and 7Day pass would be $22 I am going to be here for 2.5 days and my host stays in ahead of Quincy… infact Weymouth which is quite far from here For which I need to change a few subways and buses and so it’ll be 5 to 6 rides on a daily basis Some people suggested that getting a Charlie Card not easy since it is usually do not offered on short stays So you need to tell them that you are here for a long time that’s why you need a Charlie Card The public transport system is called MBTA which is the local transport authority here I checked their website to check the nearest location for me get a Charlie Card The nearest location is East West Bank on Bedford Street which is 0.2 miles away from here I got the card and now I need to proceed to New England Aquarium I am planning to do a specific trip from there Just like the way I booked the BigBus Trip in New York on Klook The same way I booked a Go Boston Card on Klook for which I didn’t have to go anywhere but booked it online. With GoBoston Card I don’t have to buy another ticket every time I visit a place of attraction The best part is, it’s a lot cheaper than the other way Most of cities have such GoCity cards or something in the same lines of it. I wanted to introduce this concept to you so that if you traveling to any city it’s better to opt for this And apart from this, you’d also get few premium attractions for free I bought a 3-day GoBoston Card which got me a one free premium visit. There are some premium attractions out of which I can visit one of them for free which otherwise is very expensive. This card costed me about $120 I am running late and I need to rush but since we are talking about public transport I wanted to share few basics of it There are 4 lines of Metro- Blue, Orange, Green and Red There is no metro at the airport as such but you have free buses running called SL-1 I took SL-1 bus to reach the downtown (South Station) from the Airport This is the map from Airport to South Station Once you South Station, you can get any public transport to go anywhere This is Boston Duck Tours Though all the seats are booked for the next available trip This trip will cost you 42 $ These are the rates for children Whereas Go Boston card costs 110 $ with a lot a activities So getting a Go Boston card is cheaper if you are doing a lot of activities They offer their trips from 3 different locations So I am going to the Science museum from where I am going to get an early trip There the next trip starts at 3:!5 pm. Its already 2:!5 pm now These are Segway guided tours. Another way to explore Boston This is Blue Line T Where are all these children going!! This boat seems to be booked only for children it was a 90 minutes trip I am at ‘7 Eleven’ store I was hungry to I bought this Bean and Cheese Burrito costs 1.99 $ I got a reward points card when I visited a CVS store Yesterday they sent me an email mentioning about discounts and offers So if you are travelling/stay in USA, its better to get such cards to get discounts or rewards I am not getting my CVS card. I wanted to show you So this is the CVS card Likewise, I just got a card from 7 Eleven After getting this you will get 800 points through which you can get some things for free after keeping it in the microwave oven for 45 seconds, now my Burrito is ready You can also get free chilly and cheese, different sause After getting this card you have to register your US mobile number on their app or website After registering I got 800 points I can get these things for free I am going to get the coffee now This was 7 Eleven store it took 20 seconds to reach the 50th floor! Now I am going to show them my Go Boston card voucher to get the entry otherwise you have to pay 20$ to enter this skywalk observatory The best time to visit this place is – Evening I am on the 50th floor of Prudential towers… This is a guide have to dial 102 to know more about the place in front of me That is Trinity Church In USA, there are over 1.8 million Indians In Massachusetts, there are 50,000 people of Indian origin You can do a lot of activities in this observatory. You can even watch these films Another day has begun I am at Richard’s place He is… He is gone… He is Amery… from Turkey This is how this place is! People from different parts of the world live here Like USA, the land of immigrants People from all over the world stay here live together harmoniously For me, Richard’s house is Mini-USA