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(slow electronic music) (upbeat electronic music) – What’s going on, everybody? Happy Friday, and thanks
so much for tuning in for today’s episode of
Chemical Guys Detail Garage. Today, myself and Joseph
are going to go over the dos and don’ts of
what you do or don’t do when you get a brand new car. So, Joseph, tell us about your obviously, brand new vehicle. – Yeah, it seems like we
were just here, right? Like not too long ago for the Mustang. So newest project is the 2020 Veloster N, so this actually got Road
and Track’s Car of the Year. It became very intriguing to me. I had to see what it’s all about. I’ve always been a huge
hatchback, hot hatch type thing – [Host] With your Hondas, right? – [Joseph] Exactly, with the Hondas. So, I mean, though I’ve had four Mustangs I’ve actually had four Honda CR-X’s Which have been like, you know, a blast and this, dude, I couldn’t pass it up. – So brand new, right off the lot, Right? You even special ordered
it and had it tucked away so nobody else could touch it. – That’s right, yeah. Originally they pulled it
in to the showroom floor. Of course, because they wanted to showcase the unique vehicle. And I asked them to, “Please pull it off the
showroom and just tuck it away.” Because you know how the showroom gets. People touch it, just caress it, scratch stuff up, abuse it- – The paint is in- – Beat it. – Pretty pristine condition but, being that it’s a new car, there are some things that
you should be cautious of, especially if you just bought a new car because, obviously, they are expensive. – Yeah. – And we want you guys
to have the most fun detailing your vehicle, but also being safe at the same time. So, starting right off the bat, A lot of people will just either think this is clean enough and just leave it that way or maybe they’ll take
it to a mobile car wash. Or, not even a mobile car
wash, like a coin car wash. – Yeah. – Rinse it down Octavia, the guy behind
the camera said that, “Some people will actually just put a clear bra on their car.” That’s what he says he’s planning on doing with his brand new car. And, we wanted to show you guys exactly what’s on the vehicle. So, even if the car was
inside of the showroom, it’s still contaminated with fallout- – That’s true. – It could have residue from the wrap that it had on there
when it was transported. So, it’s always important to strip away anything that’s on the surface. Whether there is old residue, – Yeah. – It could be glaze, sealant, or waxes that the dealership used, or anything else like contamination from
sitting outside, right? – Yeah, and then a lot of times too though comes straight from the factory and it sits out at the ports for a while. We never know how long it’ll be. So, I don’t know what that was. Sounded like a pterodactyl was flying by. So, but yeah, that’s the main thing. – Veloster to pterodactyl. – Yeah. See there you go, nice I like that, I like it. So yeah, but we were talking
about methods of protection and you have your sealants
out there, you have your PPF, which still might be an
option for me as well. PPF, Paint Protection
Film, is going to be great for those people that do
a lot spirited driving, canyon runs, track
days, but for right now, I think we got other plans, right? We’re going to mess around with it? – Yeah but, you’ve always got something
up your sleeve for new cars, If anybody has seen Joseph’s
vehicles in the past. The Fiat, the Mustang,
or anything before that, You know that, It’s not going
to stay stock for long right? – No it doesn’t, yeah. But this one is going
to be totally drivable and it’s going to be good times. – You said that you Fiat was drivable and that was static dropped- – Yeah that was crazy, that was probably my craziest
build of all, for sure. – Go check out that video,
maybe we’ll link that one in the video, just click down below – That’d be cool stuff. – So, aside from the washing process, There’s also things like the interior that people jump right into,
because it’s brand new, it smells great, and then,
things start to deteriorating, like the staining off from your seats because it’s still a
car, and things happen where you drop things that messes it up. Or you forget to put
some kind of protection on the dash board, or the plastics and they start to
discoloring or cracking, so- – It’s true. – Now that it’s brand new, now is the best time
to start protecting it so it lasts as long as possible. So, Joseph doesn’t like
anything that really shines, or has a greasy touch so, He doesn’t put any kind of
protection on his dash board, but what he’ll do instead is He’ll put on some kind of spray like: Inner Cleaner Total Interior. – Yeah, I usually like Total Interior. Total Interior is great because it’s a cleaner and a protectant, no type of shine, but also It’s good for like navigation screen, even glass and stuff So it’s kind of like a
one-all-does-all type deal. My other favorite too will be like Silk Shine on the high traffic areas such as, like your door seals. – A place where people
commonly forget to clean. – Exactly, and you have
like your tennis shoes, so as you do that motion, when you get a little scuff on there, just that little, feels good, just that little breeze happens and stuff. That’s what you’ll go ahead and do to wipe it on down and
it works out really well. – So let’s take a walk around the vehicle. – Yeah, let’s do it. – You can explain to Octavia
and the guys watching, – Okay. – Behind the scenes. – Behind the scenes, so yeah. First thing that I fell in love with, definitely is this color, I mean, That’s the reason why I went
with this beautiful ice blue and just like with the Mustang, you know? That was the orange fury, I love those type of colors
that you can go and play with. So excited to see what type of
products that we’re going to go ahead and test out here. Also, the wheels, you
have a really nice setup to where you have a 19″ which fills up a lot of that wheel gap. Now we will take care of what’s remaining as far as the little gap. But still, those beautiful
19s are wrapped in pirellis. You got the 235s squared all around so that makes it really good. Now again, I don’t know if we’re going to dive too much into the inside. The inside’s very very simple. The key thing is that if we notice that light blue seatbelt right now, is something that I’m really paying close attention to because- – [Host] Let’s show the audience,
let’s open that door up. – Yeah, let’s go ahead and
do the little thing here. So, again, so with this, This is the thing that I’m really going to pay a lot of attention to because That is a high, high traffic area and you are dealing with
a light colored material. That means such things as
like: Grease, dirt, make-up. That is going to be your
enemy for something like that. So we definitely want to
go and keep that protected and always keep a bottle
of lightning fast Nonsense, something like that readily
available to clean it up. The rest of the materials
in the car are very simple, very clean, so you’re dealing
with a lot of plastics. You do have leather on the steering wheel, and the rest is going to be, pretty much, just the carpet and cloth. Easy things to go ahead and maintain, But I also found it’s
just very user friendly, as you’re sitting in the cockpit, everything feels good, all of the display is right
there in front of you, where it should be. And that steering wheel, whenever
you put your hands on it, just the girth of it,
just the feeling of it is just outstanding, I love it. – [Host] Back to your seat belts though. A lot of people ask us, “Is it okay to detail
seat belts or headliners and being that seat belts have a fire repellent coating on it, a lot of people didn’t know that, they have a fire repellent
coating on those, It’s always a good idea
to just damp your towel and then scrub away and kind of staining, rather than spraying on there. Or I had people tell me that they’ll pull the seatbelt outside of the car, then hit it with the pressure washer with- – [Joseph] Aw jeez. – Awful for your paint and just imagine that buckle whipping around. Speaking of buckles,
Ricardo was asking me, why do I move mine off to the side? – [Joseph] Oh yeah. – And it’s because, as
a mechanic in training, as well as, also detailing,
I’ve always been afraid of leaning up against the
car and scratching it. So, people call it weird but I pull it off to the side just so that the buckle is not rubbing up against it. – [Joseph] That makes sense. – So, my basket weave belt, It’s like 10 years old now. – [Joseph] Oh yeah, it
looks good, I like it. Just in case of any thrusting
happens close to the call as you’re just, trying to really do this. Last thing you want to do is grind that metal buckle
up against the thing. You know what I mean? – It could be worse. – [Joseph] That’s right. Now
coming up to the rear end, I definitely appreciate a
very thick and chunky back end on a vehicle, so I fell
in love, again, with this. The design of it is really cool. The light fixture is
really really cool on here. Let me go ahead and hit that little, of course that didn’t go ahead and, okay and I guess it doesn’t… Yeah I know, I always try and get- – It locks and unlocks huh? – [Joseph] Yeah, it
looks really really cool. Plus, you have the
beautiful third brake light which is a unique touch. Usually, you’ll see something like that on the lower portion of the
vehicle or within the glass. – [Host] Like an F-1 race car. – [Joseph] Exactly, very much. It’s meant for a lot of spirited driving. The “N”, a lot of people
don’t know what it means. – [Host] Yeah, I’m going
to ask that same thing too. – [Joseph] That was actually
coming from the Nürburgring. That’s one of the places to where Hyundai’s doing a lot of their testing and it’s also stage where they
do some of their development, But I can’t remember the name of it. It’s some unique name so
I’ll have to look that up. – I thought it stood for
like “Nice!” Or something. – It might, “Nice!” Yeah,
I like that. I like that. And then there’s the
diffuser and the exhaust. I mean, hopefully we will get a clip of how this exhaust sounds, because, to date, this is
the most beautiful sounding, aggressive note that I’ve had. The snaps, the crackles, all that stuff. – [Host] Also, very unique
when you were driving. I was like, that’s a very different sound. – [Joseph] Yeah, Not what you would think- – It’s like a little
raspy, a little poppy, you know, it’s interesting. – [Joseph] Yeah, yeah, so
it works out really good, and yeah you do have
some different materials as we were talking earlier. You have the gloss
black surface over here, which, I’m curious to see how
sensitive this is going to be. On the Mustang, on the Challengers, that section of the gloss
black by their trunk and stuff, is known for just being
ridiculously hard to maintain. – So on that note, it’s always a good idea to use a soap that has a lot of suds, which is going to help lubricate
when you’re washing it, or when you’re using a quick detail spray or Wattles Wash, saturate the towel before you start wiping away, this way you have the most lubrication so you’re not scratching obviously. – That’s true. – Unless you feel like polishing this. – No I know, because usually that’s
what would have to happen. The other thing that you’ll notice, and something that we often
talk about, the exhaust tips. What one of the main
things that I know though, This is a 2-liter turbo car. Any time you’re dealing
with a turbo vehicle, those things will build up pretty quickly. So, for something like
that, I’ll do EZ Wipe down, or something like a synthetic
with detail in between, but then eventually hitting it up, probably with a light metal
polish. Something like that, just to keep that nice
looking shine, You know? – [Host] Exactly, yeah. Anything else you want to talk about on this brand new vehicle? – No, just excited, for what it is, I’ve been having a blast. It is a 2-liter turbo engine
at 275 horsepower stock, which actually, for something this size, 275 is not that bad. By the time I get done with
a couple little touches, I expect it to be right around, like, 330. Somewhere around there,
which would be totally fine. – And it’s stick, right? – It is a stick, yeah. And then it has a lot of
different features like, you can change the
exhaust, the suspension, literally your dampening
to soft, hard, Eco. A lot of really cool
features in a small package. – Yeah, very nice. All wheel drive or is it- – No, front wheel drive. Yeah, yeah. – Some say that’s okay I guess. – Yeah, you know. It’s something different – Yeah. All right you guys, so this has been the first installment of the Do’s and Don’ts of
detailing your brand new car. You can use the same
techniques and procedures on your used car, or the new-to-you car to make it look it’s best
for as long as possible. So if you liked today’s video be sure to give it a thumbs up. Drop your comments down
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see done to this Veloster and we’ll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage. Nice piggy back Joseph You’re just doing hand overs – Hey, you know that’s- – [Host] What is this an airport? – [Joseph] I like the piggy. (Chill Electronic Music)