Directed Energy Weapons/Lights  5 Cars (626) MUST SEE

Directed Energy Weapons/Lights 5 Cars (626) MUST SEE

Hey what’s up everyone
you ready for a quadruple combo energy Here’s one car on my left side look at
the rims nice rims, but Dam I don’t know if your rims will shine like that I
mean that’s a pretty phat shine and look at the top right there’s like a little
reddish dot mark on the top area Thats still considered Look at the back rim front rim It’s like a big o strip right there and then check out
the the white car right here with With the blue fucking laser light somehow all
that car has it to The sun is probably directly on top of us right now Probaly
a little bit to the right on top This is the reflection from it
Which is directing energy weapon ok check out this one right here Look how this car has no reflection
Cause its nothing on That car back there nothing going on Camera
does not want to focus because of the energy light When energy light hit’s your
phone it’s gonna freaking blur it out Zoom back out See that you see the blur on my phone
that means it’s hitting me right now and check out this one too This one is even crazier it’s a double
fucking energy over there on that car Look at that how does a car get two
reflections same same sharpness detail Look at that that’s a reflection off
from the Sun on that car there There’s the proof