Electric Vehicle (EV) Workplace Charging – Los Angeles, CA

My husband and I decided to start
driving an electric car, really because we wanted to disassociate ourselves from
the fuel industry. We wanted to be able to pass by all of the gas stations, and
the rising and falling gas prices, and just get out of that economy altogether.
I absolutely love being an EV driver here in Los Angeles, primarily because of
the traffic! If you can believe that. Our car actually recharges when you press on
the brake. So often times my husband and I will leave our house with our
electric vehicle, and we’ll arrive at our destination with more miles than when we
started. One of the biggest challenges is infrastructure. I think the state
of California has over 300,000 electric vehicles now, but only about 13,000
chargers. So we have a lot of demand to catch up with, and that’s part of the
reason we put in some of your chargers here on site, is we want to show
consumers what kind of options are out there for smart charging, and educate
building owners on some of the best products available they can buy. Our goal
here is to get as many Smart Charging stations installed as we can. As you
know we want to try to double our number of level twos, we’re adding some level
threes. And then we really want to do Smart Charging of how the vehicles are shifting load, between the different chargers, as well as shifting
load between the building and the micro grid we have here on site. This EV
charging station charges so fast, it’s really easy to use, and I absolutely love
it! And it’s great that it’s in my place of work, so…makes it really convenient. If you look at our options and the levers we have to
truly dramatically reduce air pollution, electrification is probably our greatest
strategy to do that. The challenge is really creating the infrastructure
that’s needed to make that happen and the business model innovation
that can help the market move forward. I see the future of mobility definitely electric. I
see it autonomous, I see it safe, and I really want to see electric vehicles for
everyone, so making it really inclusive.