Ellen Gives Tiffany Haddish Her Dream Gift

[MUSIC PLAYING] [MEOW] What’s the next big
purchase you’re going to do? Well, I would love to
get myself like a Tesla, but then I saw how
much it costed. And then I was like, oh, maybe
I could get me some diamonds, right, because I never
had no real diamonds. I was married before,
but I don’t know if those was real diamonds. You know what I’m saying, Ellen? [LAUGHTER] Yes. You don’t know. I didn’t go get it
appraised, so I’m not sure. And then I gave it back. I had to give that back. [LAUGHTER] Anyways, Ellen, I would like
to get me some real diamonds, but they’re– I don’t know. That’s expensive too. And I don’t want to be broke. I’ve been homeless before. I don’t never want
to be homeless again. So I’m probably just
going to rent a Tesla and rent some diamonds. [LAUGHTER] So this book– tell
everybody– it’s about– I just said during the break,
once you hear her story, she is going to
inspire so many people by what she has lived through. But tell everybody
what’s in the book. OK, so this is The Last Black
Unicorn, Tiffany Haddish. That’s me. And the book is about– [LAUGHS] The book it’s about
my life experiences. And the whole reason that
I even wrote the book is because I felt
like I must have gone through this
stuff for a reason, and it’s probably to
share it with people. And there’s always a
bright side to everything, and I always talk about
my goals and stuff. And one of my goals, girl, is
to meet Oprah Winfrey, right? Woo! And then she’d be
my auntie, Auntie O. And then we’d both be gardening
together and stuff, right? She got a good garden. She got a good garden. She got yard. Yes. She got a whole lot
of back yard too. Yes, she certainly does. Grows stuff. So I’m going to meet her, right? And then we going to start– do a co-op. And then next thing
you know, we’re going to start our
own little booth, and we going to farmer’s
markets and stuff together. And it’ll be Tiff
and O’s Vegetables. And we’ll probably
tour the country, and we’ll sell
out of vegetables. And then people will be
eating vegetables and stuff because of me and Oprah. That would be great. People should eat vegetables. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Yes. All right. OK. But the book is good. You’re going to learn
about foster care. You’re going to
learn about marriage. Well, what I learned
from marriage, anyway. Your experience
of marriage, yes. Yes, my experience. So your birthday was yesterday. Yes. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] OK. I want you to see
what I got for you. Look out– this is outside
waiting for you right now. Shut– [CHEERING] OK. You’re going to– Serious? Yes, we’re renting it
for a week, and then– Yes! Yes! All right. If you’ll just– Oh, Lord, [INAUDIBLE]. If you’ll just sign here– OK. –then sign there and there. All right. Sign here, here. Ooh, nobody ever
gave me a car before! It’s just a rental. I know, but still. We need it back on the 12th, OK? OK, you can have it on the 12th. There. Oh, Lord! And if you see– look in the back seat. Look in the back seat. Is it diamonds in the back? Uh-huh. Sun rooftop. Diggin’ the scene
with a gangsta lean. Gangsta lean– oh! Let’s see. It’s Oprah. [CHEERING] Hey! Oprah’s in the back. [APPLAUSE] Thank you. Listen. Thank you. Listen. I got a brand new car! We tried to get
Oprah here for you. She’s on her way
to South Africa. But we were really trying
to surprise you with Oprah. But this is your car for
a week, and you’re going to drive that car away today. Yes! All right? The Last Unicorn is in
bookstores everywhere. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MEOW]