Episode 10 –  Denmark To Norway Rs. 2500 Bus, Chat with Locals, Cheapest Stay in Oslo, Desi Veg Food

Episode 10 – Denmark To Norway Rs. 2500 Bus, Chat with Locals, Cheapest Stay in Oslo, Desi Veg Food

Do you have to pay your university fees ?
Girl : NO ! Is it free?
Girl : Its free . Even if you want to do a Phd ? Correct. Seriously ! In this episode of the Scandinavia series, I will take you on a bus that cost me 2500 rs from Denmark to Norway and also; my first time ever , 30 bed dorm hostel experience and will show you guys a desi supermarket , right in the centre of Norways’ capital with full price details . As I will be spending the entire night in a bus which will depart at 10:30 and reach Oslo by 6:30 am, So I have no expense on accommodation tonight . If its gonna take some time to
get from one city to another you should go for an inter city bus or a train so as to get some sleep and save some money on accommodation. After taking permission from my friendly Airbnb host , I left my packed bags at the apartment till night after checking out and then I realised that my bag is missing a wheel . I anyways went out to use my last day in the city , and record some skyline shots . And went to the metro station in the evening after dragging my bags ! There are elevators in the metro station , so life is a little easy with these bags ! As Copenhagen has no Uber, its smart to just drag your bags , because regular taxi is super expensive . After taking the metro, I finally reached the bus stop opposite to the railway station, where my bus was already parked. With extra leg room seats booked on goeuro.com , this ticket cost me around 32 euros. And to cover the distance comfortably , you should always carry an eye mask and headphones because there can be noise from people talking on the phone or chit chatting . I’ll just cover my ears and eyes now , and get some rest. Because of the extra fees of 3 euros,
the seats in front of me were empty , so I used them . The main advantage of these seats are extra legroom and a full front view , that’s it . Otherwise these seats are same as the other seats And now I am the bridge that connects
Denmark to Sweden . Once you enter the European Union
with a Schengen visa So internally , you can move freely from
one country to another. And so when I crossed the border , there was no
security check or immigration. You can also stay connected to the internet with a limited 300 mb wifi and the bus also had a decent washroom. The reason behind this ticket being cheap , is because it has 3 or 4 stops. Thats right , direct bus does not mean non stop bus, it means that you won’t need to change any bus. And this bus takes a stop in 2 or 3 cities on route , where the driver duty changes as well. Its 3 in the morning, we’re around halfway, and the bus has stopped here at Gothenburg city. You can straighten up your legs over here, and if you’re tired from your previous day like I am you can sleep comfortably . Other than that, every seat has a seatbelt, including window curtains and power sockets for laptop users like me . And of course , these recline decently and lastly, a comfortable leg rest. In the last 7 or 8 hours , I haven’t heard a single horn a neither was there any patches in the road. R2-D2 : And thank you for choosing ‘bus for you’ through this night and we hope to see you again. Alright guys, I have reached my last and final destination, Norways’ Oslo, and the bus is quite amazing. As you can see , this was a 2*1 seat configuration bus, with very comfortable seats. And on the lower deck , the configuration was 2*2. Do you have the concept of parents fixing you up for marriage ? Not at all ! How does it work in your system? We just find the one we want to be with and have a baby or move together Without getting married? Yeah like , we can get married before or we can do it later. Alright, so it doesn’t matter if you have children before you get married or after
Not at all. So I was able to connect to the wifi here, so I made a navigation route for my hostel i.e. Anker apartment. But it was a 10 minute walk from here, so I asked the staff for some help and the gave me a written detail of which bus to take and from where to take it. And the bus stop is opposite to the railway station and both of them are connected by a bridge. So I had to walk for 5 minutes with the bags, which is not much And I will get the bus from the opposite side and over here I used a very neat and tidy paid washroom for 200 rupees and changed my clothes, as my hostel checkin was at 3 , I will just dump my bags and go out to explore the city And then I hopped on my bus and headed to my hostel which was 5 stops from there. I was staying in a hostel as I was alone, and before I show it to you, I’m gonna tell you that if you’re with your family, or you do not like hostels at the centre , during summers, you can get a 3 or 4 star hotel for around 8000 to 10,000 rupees per night and for a budget option, you can get a double occupancy airbnb for 3000 to 6000 rupees around the city centre where you can use the kitchen just like in hostels and save some money on food. Otherwise, hostels also have basic private rooms for 5000 to 7000 rupees. Alright guys , I got off this bus at the bus stop over here, and there is my hostel , which is pretty close and if I were to take an Uber from the station to here , it would cost me 1800 rupees. Instead I bought a transport pass for 800 rupees, which includes an entire day of transport. Its just difficult to drag these bags around. These hostels also have free lockers, on which you have to put your own padlock. and if you buy one from here,
it’ll cost you sround 500 rupees and they also have luggage storage for guys like me. So this is the hostels’ luggage room where I’ve dumped my luggage and they just informed me, that I’ll be getting my room at 10 am instead of 3 pm. And in a 30 bed dorm , only 5 beds are occupied
so its okay. Once the bed is assigned to you, you cannot change it, as there are numbers mentioned on the bed. Before leaving, I made my bed using the bedsheets I bought along form home because Scandinavia, till now is the only place where you have to rent bedsheets from the hostel for 200 rupees a day. According to my experience, this big a dorm is not a good idea from socialising perspective because either there are very less people in the dorm, or a lot of them, so there isn’t a friendly environment. And this guy over here has covered his entire area for some privacy. Even backpacker couples come here to stay and needless to say girls as well And the dorms are cleaned everyday. And this is the common area of the hostel and there is a tv over here as well on which the football matches are on theses days, but for now someone’s watching BBC news. So, I came out here for a swim, and over here its typically said that Norwegian people are a little reserved and are not friendly and are reluctant to talk to foreigners. But there are exceptions, like … She’s Christina by the way and we just met at the riverside I would say ? Is this a river or a canal ?
Canal ! Oh this is a manmade canal where everybody is swimming and I thought of asking her some questions about Norway, would you mind ? You need to look into the camera as well, you look like you’re scared. No, I wouldn’t mind ! Take a break !! And there is a convenience store in the hostel, and has a lot to offer although the prices are a little high compared to supermarkets . Like 100 rupees for a single cucumber
250 rupees for half a kilo carrot 150 rupees for a packet of chips and a basic item like bread for 300 to 400 rupees. I prefer the area in front of the railway station where there are a lot of grocery shops, and stores owned by the immigrant community. And a lot of Indian and Pakistani people stay over here, most of which own grocery stores where you can get a lot of desi stuff.
There is one such store behind me. And groceries over here are half the price compared to the convenience store at my hostel . For example brinjal for 100 rupees
tomatoes for 150 rupees capsicums for 120 rupees
and potatoes for around 60 rupees a kilo. And the cucumber that was for 100 rupees in the convenience store in the hostel is available over here for 40 rupees. And now you guys might be thinking that I am in some Indian grocery store, but I am actually in Oslo ! All types of paranthas and chapatis are available here, like the ones I saw in Canada. Everything is available . And ready to eat meals from Haldirams are available for 140 rupees. They have a lot of variety of Indian stuff Whether its oil or spices or pickles or ready to eat haldirams meals everything is available over here, the price is a little high as compared to India, but then you have everything here. And I saw more Norwegians shopping over here than Indians whether its indian food, or its the local veggies, everything here is quite cheaper compared to outside. The prices are a little high compared to India, and there is bigger store over here where the prices are less than half !! And guys, all types of lentils and pulses are available over here. And to top it all, 4 large chapatis for 100 rupees, made fresh everyday. What else do we need ? And the treatment would be free? Lets say I’m diagnosed with appendix, and I need to go in for a surgery, its gonna be free? The ______ is free, like you need to pay for the consultations And then if you need more , at the hospital its free ! Alright, so the treatment is free but you have to pay for the consultations How much would you pay a doctor for a consultation
let say I have a fever and I go to a regular physician, how much am I expected to pay as a Norwegian citizen. Between 250 and 350
around 2500 to 3000 rupees. And sub of the day or a veggie sub
can cost around 350 rupees. Vegetarian falafel wraps or chicken wraps at arabic joints can cost around 500 to 700 rupees. And a crispy chicken burger at burger king for 250 rupees with no veg options. Same goes for mcdonalds. And street food type food trucks are a little expensive . You can also find Indian restaurants somewhere in the middle of the city but obviously, the prices at these speciality restaurants are somewhat similar to what we get at a 5 star hotel , So on my budget trips, I prefer to use groceries and my hostels’ kitchen . With a 1000 rupees security deposit, you can get this entire kitchen set, which you can use It has everything from pans and bowls to basic cutlery . And the security deposit is refundable
when you return the entire set back. And needless to say, hostels have a full loaded kitchen. You share this kitchen with the other guests and are equipped with a fridge, stove, an oven and most importantly a microwave. Alright guys, its time for dinner, and tonight I’ve arranged dal maknhi for 100 rupees a chicken piece for 150 rupees
and Naan Bread for 25 rupees. And just like this I used to take out one box of this ready to eat meal from my luggage, every morning which could either be dal or rajma or chhole or
matar paneer And by the way, these meals have a liquid content, put it in your checkin luggage and not your carry on And now lets change the mood for the next episode. First I would like to ask, what is the average age, for an average usual Norwegian that she could possibly consider, indulging herself into anything sexual. My age is 22
Oh you’re pretty young. It’ll probably be around 17 maybe 18.
Okay , alright ! Many people do it like 15 or 16 but normally its 17 . And if you still are here,
don’t forget to hit the like button. and for weekly updates, please hit the subscribe button and the bell icon. And talking to people, I am now around 20 kms out of the city So I’ll be taking an intercity bus from here which will take me near the hostel and I will take the local bus from there. and then I will reach the hostel,
its gonna take around 45 minutes. And I have to pack my bags when I get home, so this small interview on sexuality, took a lot of my time.