T : Hi guys, welcome to Food Truck Battle *Pumped! Ready!*
A competition with your pride on the line. I’m Ten, Chitpol Leechaipornkul. In this show, you’ll witness An intensive food battle With a serious competition for sales *Pumped!*
while taking you to many exciting places. Today we’re taking you to Chantaburi province. [Chantaburi province] [Is a seaside province in the eastern part of Thailand.] [Its long history] [and picturesque landscape] [makes it a travel destination filled with natural beauty,] [food, and abundance of fruits.] T : Our contestants in this episode are truly remarkable. *Idol – Singer – Actor – Fashion icon*
They are idols, singers, actors and fashion icons. First, let me introduce representatives from Thailand *Representatives from Thailand*
JamyJames and Kitty Chicha. T : Hello. J & K : Hello. T : And representing South Korea *Representatives from South Korea*
HA:TFELT and Nam Tae Hyun H : (In Thai) Hello. *Hello*
T : (In Korean) Hello. T : (In Korean) Can you please introduce yourselves? N : Hi, I’m Num Tae Hyun. H : Hi, I’m HA:TFELT. H : (In Thai) Pleased to meet you. T : They introduced themselves in Thai you should introduce yourselves in Korean. you should introduce yourselves in Korean. T : Give it a try. J : (In Korean) Hello. *Trying to help out* *S.O.S What next?*
J : (In Korean) My name is James. *That went well.* H : Wow, you’re good. K : (In Korean) Hello. (In Korean) my name is Kitty. K : Let’s say what we practiced. *Whisper, whisper* Okay, one, two, three *Pleased to meet you.*
K & J : (In Korean) Pleased to meet you. K : Are you excited to meet everyone? T : Now I’m very excited. It’s also my first time being MC. Pleased to meet you all. T : (In Korean) This is my first time being the show’s MC. (In Korean) Pleased to meet you all. H & T : (In Korean) The pleasure’s ours. T : In this Food Truck Battle the four of you will get to know much more about each other because representatives from the same country will not be on the same team. T : In fact, I’ve already paired you up. *I have no say in this?*
James will be with HA:TFELT. *Quick bonding.*
And Kitty will be with Nam Tae Hyun. And Kitty will be with Nam Tae Hyun. Please join your teammate. T : In Food Truck Battle, contestants will learn how to cook good food quickly for their food trucks. And the team with the highest gross sales will be the winner. [Food Truck Battle] [is a travel-cooking competition.] [The sales route starts from Chantaburi province,] [and ends at the Asiatique, Bangkok.] [At the Asiatique stage, Ten and Chef Gun] [will also join the teams.] [The two teams have to sell a dish.] [The team with the highest score is the winner.] [Each team’s dish will be sold in every 7-11 branches] [during the airing of the program.] [The team that makes the dish] [with the highest sales score] [will receive a set of 6 colored gems] [from Chantaburi as a special prize.] [Regular purchase of 1 set menu gets 1 point,] [And each purchase via True Money Wallet,] [gets 3 points.] T : Now is the time for each team to pick their team color. I’ve got a minigame for you to play. This is the fairest game in the world. *rock-paper-scissors*
And that is…Kawi Bawi Bo. Or rock-paper-scissors. H & J : (In Thai) Scissors, paper, rock! *Language class*
T : I’d like you to discuss in your team and name the team’s representative for the showdown. N : Do you want to play? K : No, please. *Tiny argument*
N : Okey. *The fairest way*
H : (In Thai) Scissors, paper, rock. *Three Reounds*
T : We’re doing three rounds. The best of 3 rounds gets to pick their team color. T : Are you ready?.. (In Korean) Are you ready? *Pressured* All : Rock-paper-scissors!! *DRAW* H : What? You tricked me! N : That’s not it! *Thinking alike* T : Do it again. All : Rock-paper-scissors!! K : We won one. *Really proud*
T : You got one. K : Second round. *I won’t lose* All : Rock-paper-scissors!! T : So your team wins. T : Kitty and Nam Tae Hyun’s team, please pick a color. N : Okay. I’m blue. [From the rock-paper-scissors minigame] [Red team belongs to HA:TFELT and JamyJames] [and Blue team is Kitty and Nam Tae Hyun] *Next Break*
T : Please welcome Chef Gun! *Next Break* *Next Break*
G : I’m working hard to create my best dishes. *Next Break*