Ford Electric Vehicles: Viewing Battery-Charging Status | Ford How-To | Ford

[MUSIC] Your electric vehicle has a convenient
feature on your SYNC 3 charge setting screen, where you can view your
present battery state of charge, charging status, and
charge time estimates. Let me explain, to view the charge
setting screen, from the home screen, touch settings. Then you may need to swipe
left to charge settings. The current high voltage battery
state of charge is shown, along with the estimated times
required to reach a full charge. Estimates are given for
both available 240 volt and standard 120 volt charging service. The 240 volt estimate represents the
fastest you could expect the high voltage battery to recharge under ideal conditions
using a 240 volt charging station. Keep in mind, it’s normal for your actual charge duration to
be longer than this estimate. If temperature and
electric service conditions are not ideal. For example, some public charging
stations use a 208 volt service, which will result in longer charge times. The 120 volt estimate
represents the slowest time to recharge the battery under normal
conditions with a 12 amp service. This is what you could anticipate when
using a 120 volt convenience cord supplied with your vehicle. Times to fully charge will be displayed
here once the vehicle has been plugged in. Now, let’s look at charge status. Your vehicle’s charging status is shown
here, along with charge start and complete times. It’s important to remember that this
information is based on the vehicle’s present location and
associated value charge profile settings. Normally, when the vehicle is not plugged
in, next charge will be displayed. If charge now is selected,
then the estimated time needed for a full charge will be displayed. Once your vehicle is plugged in,
the status will change to charging, and the actual charge start time and
estimated complete time will be displayed. On the other hand, if value charge is
selected, then the scheduled start time and estimated complete
times will be displayed. When you plug the vehicle in, the status
typically changes to waiting to charge. Once the charging starts,
the status will change to charging. And the actual charge start
time will be shown along with the estimated complete time. Remember, the start time is scheduled to
take advantage of the lower utility rate period specified in
the value charge profile. Note that sometimes,
when the value charge is selected, charging may be scheduled to start
immediately when you plug in. In order to be complete
by your next go time. When charging is complete,
the status changes to charged. And the actual start and
complete times are shown in gray. If you see charge fault,
then a fault is present, which is preventing the high
voltage battery from charging. Unplug the cord immediately and inspect the charge plug connection,
charge cord and charging station. Any questions? Go to [MUSIC]