How to clean your air filter | carsales

If you’re driving in the Outback for an extended
period, one of the regular checks that you’re going to want to do on your car is the air
filter. Now, driving in dusty conditions, that air
filter is working mighty hard to keep all of that dust and grit out of your engine. So easiest thing to do is to locate the air
cleaner under your bonnet, and if it it’s immediately obvious as to how to get to the
element inside, just have a look at your owner’s manual. In the case of the BT50, pop up the clips
and inside is your air filter element. Now, we’ve been driving in the Outback for
about a week, so it does look at little bit dusty, but don’t fret, this is quite normal. If you’re a little bit worried about it you
can always give it a bit of a bash out to get some of the loose dust out of it, or of
you’ve got your air compressor with you, pop the nozzle inside and just blow from the inside
out to get some of that loose dust out. Now, look, a lot of people do carry a spare
filter with them. I reckon you’d want to get it a lot more
dirty than this before you consider changing it over, these are quite expensive. There is one other thing you should have a
look at while you’re in here, just to make sure if your air filter element has been seating
correctly. If the element is seating correctly, this
nice foam here will from a nice soft barrier and stop dirt from getting sucked in under
the chamber. The best way to tell that you have got a nice
seal between your element and the chamber is to have a look inside the bottom of the
chamber. You should see that it’s significantly cleaner
in the centre than it is from the outside where all the dust is getting drawn in from
the outside of your vehicle. If that inside’s clean and it’s clean
running up into the intake, you know that your air filter is doing a good job. Once you’re satisfied that everything’s pretty
ship shape, give it a bit of a clean, get any loose dust out, might as well do it while
you’ve got the chance. And then it’s just the reverse of what you
did before, pop it in, make sure you’ve got the little locator lug right there lined up
correctly. Put it all back in, make sure your clips are
done up tight, and you’re right to go.