How to Sell Junk Cars : How to Sell a Junk Car in Maryland

Hi, my name is Daniel Baldwin, I’m the General
Manager of Kurt’s Auto Wrecking in American Fork Utah. Today we’re trying to help you
sell your junk cars in the State of Maryland. Now the most important thing you can do first
is to empty all your personal items out of the vehicle before you contact us, and before
the vehicles is taken from you, and to take your license plates off. Next you got to find
a yard to sell it to. So you get in the phone book, or on the Google search, or any search
engine, and you can look you things like scrap yards, recycling centers, or pick a parts
like the yard we have here, and they can, all those kinds of businesses buy these end
of life or junk vehicles. Now you need to have a Title to sell these cars, and we prefer
that you do not sign or date anything until you bring it in and we can help you fill out,
to make sure that everything’s signed in the correct spot and the dates are correct. And
we also can tow these vehicles for you if you can not bring it in and what we do is
we come get it, and then we like you to come in. Because our Drivers do not carry any money,
so you can come in after we pick up your vehicle, with the Title and we help you, again, sign
it and date it in the correct areas and then pay you for it.