How To Start Playing On Magic: The Gathering Online – The MTGO Guide Part 1

many Magic the Gathering players ask the question how do I begin playing on Magic the Gathering online Magic the Gathering online is an online version of the card game Magic the Gathering this is not to be confused with magic duels or Duels of the Planeswalkers which are simplified or stripped-down versions of Magic the Gathering Magic the Gathering online is a complete recreation of Magic the Gathering only it is played digitally instead of with paper cards other than the medium the two are identical as far as gameplay rules and mechanics are concerned please note this video is intended for people who have played at least a little Magic the Gathering and are interested in learning how to get started with Magic the Gathering online but this video does not go over all the basic rules for Magic the Gathering online so you want to play Magic online but are not sure how to begin this guide will cover everything you need to know in three parts part 1 creating an account and other basics which you are watching now part 2 building decks and other intermediates which you will be watching soon and part 3 buying selling and trading which you will be watching less soon than part 2 what is Magic online like starting maintaining and getting games with your digital MTG collection works similar to having a paper magic collection except of course you don’t need to spend extra money on sleeves for your digital cards yet after a one-time 999 registration fee you sign up for an account and immediately begin collecting cards and playing games there is no monthly fee to play packs costs the same as in a store and cards you need for decks are bought sold and traded just like in paper magic you can also pay to enter official events and compete to win prizes although there’s no charge to just sit and get casual games with other players have a modern deck you want to play with but don’t want to enter an official tournament no problem and also no fee yes you need to pay to have a deck on Magic online but once you have the deck you can play casual games against your friends or others all you want without any charges why play Magic online people often wonder why they should play Magic online and buy cards that they may already have in paper magic well there are a few advantages to keep in mind advantage number one you can play magic online anytime 24/7 you don’t have to worry about waiting for an event to start at your local game store or finding a person near you who plays magic second you can improve your ability to play the game itself by playing it online magic online requires you and your opponent to play by the rules so that means you are forced to move through the games phases in the proper order respond to spells and effects with the proper priority and overall become better versed in the game itself magic online simply won’t let you draw before you on tap or drop to creature spells onto the battlefield simultaneously also like with most things the best way to improve at playing magic is to play it as much as you can and magic online enables you to do this by being available 24/7 finally while not true in every single case cards on Magic online do tend to be cheaper than cards and paper magic which means a lot of decks can be put together for a lot less money also players who have a complete set of cards from a recent set can redeem those cards for paper cards getting started to start playing Magic online you need to do the following download the client please note that magic online only works on windows and there is no version for apple or other systems at this time you can download the software at Wizards website or follow the link in this video’s description once you download the program you need to create an account to play the account costs a one-time fee of $9.99 and comes with a new play hack to get you started what’s in a new player pack well a new player pack includes event tickets event tickets are the main currency of magic online event tickets let you play in competitive events such as drafts or constructive tournaments in formats like standard modern legacy and popper and if you win in these events you win prizes each ticket can be purchased from magic online for a dollar you’ll also get new player points new player points let you join events specifically designed for players who are new to Magic online which is a great way to practice and learn the controls while playing against other new players you’ll also get things like player avatars which let you choose an avatar to represent yourself during gameplay and an assortment of cards although nothing particularly useful in that area for building a competitive deck once you create your new account and log in you will see the following tabs the home screen isn’t all that useful but it will show you the major upcoming events as well as which of your buddies are currently online the collection tab displays all of your cards and decks and is where you make your decks for constructed play play Lobby is where you can pay to enter competitive tournaments and leagues or where you can also find free casual games of magic with other players the store takes you to the official Magic online store where you can buy booster packs and tickets for events trade is where you’ll be able to buy and sell cards with other users account is where you’ll find the program’s interface settings and if you experience a bug or find a problem with your software you’ll be able to attempt to get support in the help tab alright you’re signed up logged in and you’ve opened your new player pack now what what you actually need to do to actually start playing Magic online that handful of starting cards is not really enough to build a real deck from so here’s what I suggest first use those new player points to play a new player phantom draft or other new player event phantom events don’t let you keep the cards that you draft but new player drafts won’t cost you any extra money and so you can dive right and it’s a draft for fun and for practice and it lets you begin getting used to the controls magic online might let you play magic anytime but the controls take a lot of getting used to and are not always intuitive so once you play a little with your new player points you need to make a decision draft or by a deck if you decide to draft or participate in any other limited events all you need to do this or event tickets and then you’re good to go you’ll be able to keep the cards from your draft and use them for making decks with or for trading with later and if you do well you may even win a few extra tickets and packs in prizes if drafting isn’t for you and you want to build a deck for constructed gameplay I suggest that you begin with an inexpensive deck that you may like to play while you get used to the interface I recommend buying a popper deck as these are very affordable compared to standard and modern often only twenty to forty dollars online and this will let you start playing and learning the controls there are a lot of ways you can buy a complete deck get decklists or buy the individual cards that you need to complete a deck for details on how to do so see parts two and three in this series I personally use and would recommend MTG Oh traders for all these needs but there are many other great sellers out there so always be sure to look around now once you have a deck you can join and play in casual pickup games for free but magic on lines official tournaments all have a cost associated with them all tournaments accept new player tournaments either cost tickets or play points to enter event tickets cost one dollar from the magic online store and can be bought sold and traded with other players you can use them to enter tournaments but you can also buy cards from other people or businesses with them play points or points you earn by playing matches and events on Magic online a play point is worth about one-tenth as much as an event ticket so if an event costs 14 event tickets to enter it will cost you 100 40 plates while event tickets can be bought and sold with other players on the secondary market play points are bound to your individual account and can only be used to enter events on your account you can buy cards with tickets but you aunt by cards with play points things will start to cost money once you leave the constructed open play room don’t forget that your new magic online account came with 20 new player points and you can use these to play in the following new player events new to magical online standard a two-player constructed queue that costs two new player points new to magic online phantoms Swiss draft a four player draft queue that costs four new player points new to magic online phantom swiss sealed which are big daily events that are scheduled under the featured tournaments section at the top of the play lobby page they require five new player points but new player events get old fast and at some point you’re going to want to swim with the big fish have you ever played in a side event at a Grand Prix or open event most of magic on lines tournaments are just like that you enter a queue and it fires as soon as it gets eight committed players or how about joining a league which is always available and allows you to complete your matches one at a time at your own pace there are a lot of different ways to play once you get started all look at playing a game deck building and other formats in part 2 and then at buying and selling and trading in part 3 so be sure to check those videos out and I hope very much that this video and this video series has been of some help to you you