How to Use BISSELL Big Green carpet cleaner | Rent BISSELL

BISSELL Big Green rental carpet cleaner is quick and easy to use Start by vacuuming the entire area. Consider pre-treating any really tough or set-in stains. Pull the top tank handle up and remove the dirty water tank. Next, lift out the clean water tank. Take the clean water tank to your sink and fill with hot tap water to the water line. Add two capfuls of BISSELL solution using the built-in measuring cap. There are many solutions choices to fit your cleaning needs. Next, replace the tank, making sure the dirty water tank is fully seated on top of the clean water tank and you’re ready to clean. Start the machine and recline the handle. Press the trigger and make one slow forward and backward pass over the area Release the trigger and make one slow forward and backward pass over the same area to suction up any additional dirty water from the carpet. Repeat wet and dry passes overlapping by three to four inches The flow Indicator on the machine stops spinning to let you know when you need more water and solution Empty the dirty water tank and refill the clean water tank with additional water and solution, if you have more cleaning to do. When you are completely finished cleaning, unplug the machine. Then remove and rinse both the clean and dirty water tanks. Check the brush roll in the bottom of the machine for dirt and debris, and remove as needed. Put the tanks back on the machine and it’s ready to return to the store. Quick, easy, and you’re done! BISSELL Big Green carpet cleaning machine