Kevin Hart Calls Dwayne Johnson Filling In For Him After His Car Accident ‘Touching’

– I’m so happy you’re here, how have you been? – I am good. I’m here, I could not be here, so the fact that I am means that I am unbelievably well. I’m appreciative, I’m thankful, all the above. Have nothing to complain about at all. Nothing. – All right.
Knock on some wood. – I’ll knock on it, too. – Knock on some wood, yes. – Obviously I know your first thought when the accident happened, was “Oh my gosh, I’m not gonna get to see Kelly Clarkson Monday”. – That’s the first thing. I know!
– The first thing. But it’s okay, we’re here.
– Okay, good. – I knew would care. But your pal, Dwayne Johnson, he did us a favor though, a solid, because y’all are really close friends, and he actually came and he represented you on our show. – He did me a big favor, man. You know what, it was
without me even asking. He said “Kev I know you had some stuff to do, you had stuff on your plate. This is when you get to see how close your brother actually is. I’m gonna stand in, and I’m gonna make sure that I can do what I can while you’re in your time of need.” He’s a good guy.
– He is a good guy. People don’t understand the friendship is actually 100% real and authentic. – It looks real, yeah. – For him to do the things that he did for me, it was touching. It was a heartwarming moment. I didn’t tell him at the time I was like, “You better do it. ‘Cause you don’t have a choice.” I said, “You don’t have a choice, that’s what friends go. Do it!”
– I would do it for you! – No I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t do it for him. (laughing) – We actually have tape of him talking about you. (air whooshing) – You hadn’t actually planned on being here. Your baby brother Kevin Hart, he was supposed to be here, but he was in a car accident weeks ago. So everything’s good with
him now, though right? He’s recovering? – Everything is good, I spoke with Kevin, and you know what, these things happen in life, and thankfully he was strapped in nicely to his car seat, so I think that everything– (laughing) – Oh my God, I love you! – Listen, I’m only kidding. We spoke to the pediatrician, and he said– (laughing) – Oh my God! – He’s doing very well. He’s bummed he couldn’t be here as you know. (audience clapping) – That’s how I knew y’all were real friends.
– Yeah.