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This bus is a junk… You can take it for scrap. Hey ! New bus is coming… Hello guys! Welcome to Kids Joy Tube. I’ve asked my father to… make a video to Kids Joy Tube to show you how am I playing It’s traffic today… Look at my cars They’re all stuck here. All the cars want to get to this town. Through the traffic… Because of this accident, All this cars have to wait. All I have to do is to build a road I have chosen some pieces of Lego. I’m gonna use these to build a road. Let’s start. We’ve build the road so we can clear the traffic. All these cars must go in the town. As you can see it was a real accident.. We have to clear the road.. As you can see , the traffic has moved. We had to use the helicopter to fly, so we can see the traffic. There he comes. Because of this traffic, the kids are late for school. Oh noooo…the bus is broke down…. Engine We have to order a new bus We called for the mechanic…so the mechanic is on his way. What you think mechanic? Can you fix this bus? I don’t think so… Okay, let’s try. OKAY, START THE ENGINE!!! Ohhh…. is dangeros… You definately need to order a new bus. This bus is a junk You can take it to scrap. Hey…new bus is coming. Wow …it looks so good. As you can see, all the cars parked And they actually wants to stay. All the traffic stopped. And there are cars everywhere. It was crazy in the town today. My question is how they will go home? As you can see… They’re all actually parked Okay my friends…thanks for watching… I hope you enjoyed My video Is time for me to go to sleep You have to sleep as well My message to all the kids Is to play a lot With all your toys. Don’t keep them in the box. For real…:) What I’m asking from you … Is to play nice. Ask your dad To play with you, As my dad played with me. I really enjoyed to play with my dad. He always does. I wish you all the best. Subscribe to my channel, To see more videos. Ok guys, take care. Bye byeeeeeeeeeee. CAN YOU FIX THE MECHANIC SO HE CAN….:)))