Learning Construction Vehicles Names & Sounds for Kids – Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tomica トミカ, Siku

Organic Learning Hey, guys! Ready to have some fun? Let’s learn all about construction
equipment. (Bulldozer Engine Sound) Bulldozer! Get out of the way! Here comes a bulldozer. See that massive steel blade? It will push dirt and big rocks
out of the way, demolish old buildings, and clear everything in its path. Bulldozers are big powerful wrecking machines! Bulldozer! (Bulldozer Engine Sound) (Excavator Engine Sound) Excavator! Want to dig in the dirt? Check out the long arm, or boom, on this Excavator. The bucket on the end of it can dig a big hole in the ground or move large objects. Hop in, and dig, dig, dig! Excavator! (Excavator Engine Sound) (Rock Truck Engine Sound) Rock Truck! The Rock Truck does heavy-duty work! It carries big loads of rocks and dirt. It’s built tough, with a rugged design and six powerful wheels that can drive over the roughest roads on the planet. Rock Truck! (Rock Truck Engine Sound) (Scraper Engine Sound) Scraper! The Scraper looks like a big insect, but no creepy-crawly can scrape the ground away like this machine can, making a path for new roads. The streets you drive on today were probably made with a hardworking Scraper! Scraper! (Scraper Engine Sound) (Grader Engine Sound) Grader! After the scraper scrapes the
ground away, you need a Grader to finish the job. Look at those wheels and that long, metal blade. They smooth a path for roads or create flat areas where tall buildings can be built! Grader! (Grader Engine Sound) (Wheel Loader Engine Sound) Wheel Loader! If you need to move a pile of dirt, gravel, sand, or snow, bring in a Wheel Loader! Those lift arms move the bucket up and down so it can scoop up the piles and load them into trucks. Wheel Loader! (Wheel Loader Engine Sound) (Dump Truck Engine Sound) Dump Truck! Big loads of dirt and gravel can be loaded into a Dump Truck. When workers are ready to unload, then up, up, up goes the truck’s open-box. Everything sl-i-i-i-des down and “dumps” right onto the ground! Dump Truck! (Dump Truck Engine Sound) (Water Truck Engine Sound) Water Truck! Construction sites are dusty places. A Water Truck carries a big metal tank that’s filled with water. Hoses spray water onto the dirt, and… No more dust! Water Trucks can also carry water to help
rescuers put out fires. Water Truck! (Water Truck Engine Sound) (Soil Compactor Engine Sound) Soil Compactor! Those big, bumpy wheels on the Soil Compactor have an important job. They press down hard on the dirt and “compact” it, making a firm, stable base so whatever is built on it doesn’t sink or fall over. Soil Compactor! (Soil Compactor Engine Sound) (Backhoe Engine Sound) Backhoe! Which end does the work on a Backhoe? Both! The front end has a loader bucket… remember the Wheel Loader that scoops up piles? And the back end has a backhoe, like an Excavator, to dig in the dirt. Backhoe! (Backhoe Engine Sound) (Skid Steer Engine Sound) Skid Steer! Let’s hear it for the little guy! Sometimes a big machine just takes too much room. But a Skid Steer is the perfect size for working in tight places, loading and unloading dirt and gravel in tiny areas. Skid Steer! (Skid Steer Engine Sound) (Forklift Engine Sound) Forklift! Those two strong arms on the front of the Forklift look kind of like a fork, don’t they? And boy, can they lift heavy stuff! They make it easier for workers to load and unload heavy supplies on trucks. Forklift! (Forklift Engine Sound) (Crawler Crane Engine Sound) Crawler Crane! When you have a tall job to do, you need a Crawler Crane. With its “super long” arm it can lift steel beams and other heavy materials from the ground all the way to the top of a building. Crawler Crane! (Crawler Crane Engine Sound) (Asphalt Paver Engine Sound) Asphalt Paver! Everybody loves to watch the Asphalt Paver as it squeezes out hot road material and spreads it evenly on the ground. The Paver drives slowly to make sure it leaves behind shiny, black surfaces on roads and parking lots. Asphalt Paver! (Asphalt Paver Engine Sound) (Road Roller Engine Sound) Road Roller! Nobody likes a bumpy road, so workers drive a Road Roller over fresh asphalt to squish it firmly down. Look at its wheels, like giant rolling pins! It gives all the people in cars a flat, smooth ride. Road Roller! (Road Roller Engine Sound) (Cement Truck Engine Sound) Cement Truck! You can guess what’s in that big, rounded drum on the Cement Truck, can’t you? That’s right: cement! It spins round and round so it stays fresh and can be poured out to make driveways and sidewalks. Cement Truck! (Cement Truck Engine Sound) Great job, guys! Hope you had fun! Bye-bye, see you next time! If you liked our video, please give it
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