Let’s Play The Booster Box Game – Hour Of Devastation (launch) for  Magic: The Gathering

Let’s Play The Booster Box Game – Hour Of Devastation (launch) for Magic: The Gathering

*TCC intro music* It’s Saturday, July, 15th Let’s play… the booster box game! Hour of Devastation, launch! Box #1, will we get $100.00? How does this game work? I’m about to break open a booster box of Hour of Devastation within 24 hours of its launch and see if I can get $100 in rares, mythics, & foils, which is what I paid for the box. If I can get that hundred dollars in cards, I will sell them off and use the money
to buy another box. I’ll keep doing this until I break it open a box that does not contain $100 in rares & mythics. And for Hour of Devastation, currently, there are no uncommons worth more than $2 each. So I’m not going to bother looking through those. Remember, I do need cards of $2 value in order to make it worthwhile to sell this online, due to things like seller’s fees, and shipping and handling, packaging, etc. Now I think I’m going to make this game a little more interesting. For each box that I get through, including the first, I’m going to offer one of you lucky viewers the entire Amonkhet collection, a booster box of Amonkhet, a booster box of Hour of Devastation, an Hour of Devastation bundle, and the planeswalker decks from Hour of Devastation. So I’m giving one of these away no matter what. But if I make it to a second box, I will give another viewer one of these packages. And if I make it to a third box, I’ll give another viewer one of these packages and on and on. There’s no cost at all to enter. All you have to do is be a subscriber. Just make sure you are subscribed and click the link that is posted in this video’s description in order to enter. For each box I make it through, I’ll be giving out another one of these packages. Let’s see how far we get. Shaka, when the walls fell *Cheering* Oh snap! That was a nice box. I was a little depressed going into Hour of Devastation looking at the card prices. But that was some spicy stuff! Alright, we’re moving on to box 2 here and that means I’m now giving away TWO sets of the Hour of Devastation collection, an Amonkhet booster box, an Hour of Devastation booster box, an Hour of Devastation bundle, and the two new Hour of Devastation planeswalker decks. Will we make it to box 3? Let’s find out. You’ve got to be kidding me I- I gotta- I need to start looking at what the lowest booster box for a booster box game is because this may be it. Starting in Ixalan, I am going to show what the highest box value is with the lowest box value is from throughout this game. If you want to look back for me, the playlist is posted below. Go see how we did back. Boy, Kaladesh was nice. But so were a lot of other sets. As far as Hour of Devastation? Well that first box was pretty great. But remember the point of the booster box game is not to play it. Do not play the booster box game at home. I waste my money so you don’t have to. Booster packs are for draft. Anyone looking to build decks, be it Standard or, well, Standard, should not be cracking packs just to get the cards they need. The best way to get the cards that you need for the decks you want to play is by buying singles. And if your local card store doesn’t have those singles, you can always check out our sponsor Card Kingdom through the affiliate link, which offers some of the best customer service and quality of shipping around the world. Buy singles, and remember to click the link in the description for your chance to win our contest. And this program was made possible thanks to a sponsorship from Card Kingdom. As well as the Patreon support of viewers such as you. So thank you!