Mitsubishi iMiEV Electric Car  Review of the 2017 North American Version.

Mitsubishi iMiEV Electric Car Review of the 2017 North American Version.

Let’s try out 2017 Mitsubishi I MIEV Boom… Boom… Oh yeah rocket… zero to sixty and nine seconds drive
super smooth at highway speeds ultra compact design yet large enough for four
people colorspace from the back to the back of
the front seat is fifty cubic feet and behind the rear seat is 13 cubic feet in
terior space is actually quite spacious I’m five for ten and I fit quite nicely
in the front seats and also in the rear seats it receives four stars overall in
the crash ratings test from the NHTSA we’ve owned this me for about a year and
it works great to go shopping with it’s actually much roomier than you might
expect now for the biggest surprise of all range when I was studying the Mitch
Misha I’m Eve everyone was saying that it gets around sixty or sixty-five miles
of range but in this one I routinely drive at over 80 miles in fact I’ve
actually driven at a hundred miles between charges when I do my shopping
and buy say or Fresno I actually travel around seventy five to eighty miles
before recharging and many times when I do recharge I plug into the solar panels
at around town and I get free charge from the Sun we
love our Mitsubishi I’m Eve so much we’ve named her mikachu by the way NIMH
stands for Mitsubishi innovative electric vehicle I thought I would have
range anxiety but after travelling with her for a year she’s never let us down I
always plan my trips and ahead so I know exactly where we’re going our distances
and if I need to where to plug in I use free web-based apps such as a better
route planner and plug share not only do these help me plan my route but they
also show me all the Eevee plug-in stations that are along the way and I
can change the filters you show me just the free ones or the ones that have a
charge to them speaking of chargers let me show you how I charge my meave the
quickest way is to use Chatham Oh when I plug in the Chatham oh I can
recharge in 15 to 20 minutes now this will give me about 80 to 85 percent
charge and then from that I usually Drive between 75 and 80 miles before I
need to recharge again even though Chatham Oh is fast there’s still another
weight for me to charge my car that I actually used more often and that’s with
the Jay 1772 plug now charging that way can take up to six or seven hours on a
fully flat battery according to the manual with my experience it’s usually
between three and four hours and there’s a third way to charge your car by mini
this is the most convenient is to charge at home now when I charge this way it
costs me about 2.1 cents per mile now your cost will vary depending on how
much you pay for your electricity and how hard you drive your evey if you
drive it a little bit easy you’ll be less if you drive your evey really fast
and always on the highway your cost will be more and here’s a little-known fact
did you know with the Mitsubishi i-miev as well as the Nissan Leaf you can
actually plug your house into the car with a v2h charger this means that you
can actually run your refrigerator your television and other appliances off of
your car’s battery if you have a blackout and the next is about
maintenance basically there’s very little maintenance as it is with any
electric vehicle for better battery health from the traction battery down
about one or two bars IRA month or so and then completely recharge a battery
tires should be checked and rotated as it is with any car and you can check
your brake pads when you rotate your tires as well under the hood you can
check the windscreen fluid reserve your brake fluid level and your smaller
12-volt battery the traction battery that large battery that actually gives
you a range that matters should last a hundred thousand miles or ten years
according to Mitsubishi for those who want to know how quiet it is inside here
I am driving down the highway on the Mitsubishi i-miev as you can tell it’s
very quiet inside well all in all I’m very
happy with my 2017 Mitsubishi meave the North American version is much larger
than the Japanese version that I drove in Japan my range is a lot longer – and
now for the lightning round first off the good surprisingly large interior
space for such a small car large flat cargo floor when the seats are folded
down heated front seats leather covered steering wheel good climate controls
with cold a/c and toasty heater rear wheel drive Chatham Oh quick charge port
you can charge it at home it’s easy to park it has a hundred thousand mile
battery warranty Mitsubishi ZV battery cycling program and no tailpipe
emissions and now for the bad there’s no cruise control the steering wheel
doesn’t adjust modest interior surfaces uninspired handling and it lacks web or
smartphone connectivity and according to all my research only six of the long
range versions were ever produced for the North American market so should you consider one or v’s who
want to own the most affordable Evie on the market have short and simple City
commutes and who don’t mind sparse interiors should find them Eve very
appealing those who might look elsewhere would be those who have long highway
commutes and want upscaled or luxury interior hey and there you go there’s my
car review now this car is different than the earlier models that I’ve seen
such as the 2016 and before Mitsubishi leaves I’ve seen in North America it is
also different than the global version that I’ve seen too as far as having a
longer range than any of the other leaves I’ve seen in the past is also
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