MTG Challenger Decks, First Look.

MTG Challenger Decks, a first look I love playing casual games of magic with
my friends. I also love competing at Friday Night Magic. Most Friday Night Magic is the Standard Format. That is fine by me. I like how Standard changes. But my casual Magic playing friends don’t
have a chance to compete at FNM,… until now. The Challenger decks are coming on April 6th. They are ready to go decks, that will put
up a challenge. I’m going to show you these decks, right
now. Reaching and teaching Young Mages of all ages. Welcome young mage, I’m Rhino. I got a surprise package from Wizards of the
Coast yesterday. Let me show you what I got. I got a really cool thing in the mail today. And it’s from Wizards of the Coast. So, let’s see what we got? And it is. It is the Challenger Decks. There are more than two. More than three, it’s actually four. It is four. Is it all four of them? Yeah it’s all four of them and the letter
says. Hey there! This is Chris from the Wizards of the Coast
community team. I work for Trick Jarrett in helping video
creators and fans like you keep making cool stuff. Inside this package you’ll find each of
our new Challenger Decks. These decks are great for playing at Friday
Night Magic, and are designed to be powerful and fun right out of the box. Let us know what you think of them on Twitter
or in a new video or in an email to Trick and I! We’re really excited about them. Best of luck, and keep being awesome. Chris. There are the four Challenger Decks. There is Second Sun Control, Hazoret Aggro,
Vehicle Rush, and Counter Surge. I think these are going to be awesome decks. I can just tell. So Wizards of the Coast sent me these Challenger
decks early. I think I know why. Over the next month I will show you how these
decks work. How do the sideboards work. What should you swap out and why. You will want to share this video with your
friends. So before I open these up I want to know something. Are you planning on getting one of these decks? Why? Are you getting one so you can compete at
FNM? Are you going to get one to get back into
standard? Or are you going to get one for a friend to
play? Maybe to get them into playing on Friday Nights? Let me know in the comments below. If you don’t have an answer, at least tell
me which deck you like the most. So let’s open these decks up. Ok. I’m going to go ahead and go to Vehicle
Rush. It is really nice that you have a sideways
deck box. There’s the sideboard. Wow. There’s a Skysoverign Counsel Flagship in
here. That is really nice. Bomat Courier and Toolcraft Exemplar that
is really cool in these type of decks. Scrapheap Scrounger, really nice. Depala… oh yeah. And four heart of Kirians! Wow! There are really nice vehicles and four spire
of industry. A really nice buddy land. Really nice Buddy Lands and let’s see what
else is here? Unclaimed Territory, this is a really nice
card. And I think that’s it. And now for the sideboard. There’s Harsh Mentor. That thing is pretty nice. Crook of Condemnation is really good for card
synergies. Well graveyard synergies. Duress to get rid of whatever they like Approach
of the Second Sun. Really nice to get rid of that. Magma spray to get rid of their annoying Creatures,
as well as Cast out. And another Aethersphere Harvester to gain
some life. I really like the fact that there is a really
big deck box. It has a spin down dice in it. You can fit sleeved cards in here. And a divider so you don’t have cards all
over the place. So this is a really cool deck box and deck. Wow, these are pretty awesome. So in upcoming videos we will go into these
decks in depth. We will explain the sideboards and how they
work. We will do live Game play videos using these
decks. Similar to this video in the card above. Can these decks be upgraded? Of course they can. We will have videos about that too. Lots of great stuff. Those videos will be coming out soon. So subscribe now by hitting that rhino down
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Patrons and sponsors. Check out the videos on the side. They will interest you. I have more videos coming out soon. So until then, Rhino out.