MTG – Is it worth it to buy a Signature Spellbook: Jace? A Magic The Gathering product Review

[Music] many Magic the Gathering players ask the question is it worth it to buy a signature spell book Jase a brand new product line from Wizards of the coast signature spell books are an experimental replacement of the decade long from the vault series while similar in premise containing a selection of singles reprinted for collectors there are many noteworthy differences from price to the nature of bling in this thing so is the signature spell book series a collection of perfection or just more sloppy handwriting that doesn’t help anyone pass their Wizarding tests let’s take a look signature spell book J’s contains the following eight blue cards from throughout Magic’s history all in a special frame and featuring artwork of Jay speller and these cards are non foil however each Jay’s booster pack and as you can see these are literally J’s booster packs will also contain one additional copy of one of these eight cards in foil the foil card you receive is random and you still get the non foil version so nine cards total one of which is a random foil copy of one of the other eight all featuring Jace artwork and on some even multiple pictures of Jace Jace Jace so much Jace [Music] yo dawg i heard you like Jace so I put Jace in your spell book so you can Jace while you sling spells the MSRP of signature spell book Jace is $19.99 it is currently only available at your local game store let’s begin by taking a preliminary financial look at the cards contained within the most valuable non foil card contained in the collection is mystical tutor the non foil spell book version of which is going for 4 dollars and 27 cents which is significantly less expensive than the non spell book version the lowest of which was only 7 dollars and 87 cents this is followed by gifts on given the spell book version is selling for 3 dollars and 43 cents down from the non spell book version at 6:39 followed by brainstorm the spell book version again I’m only speaking about the non foil versions two dollars and sixty-five cents which is actually worth more than the non spell book version which is a dollar 22 J spell aaron the spell book dawn foil version is two dollars and fifty four cents my goodness whereas the non spell book version is still at 688 spell book version of counter spell is a dollar 74 whereas the non spell book version is 250 negate is up significantly from its non spell book version a dollar 38 a spell book version 30 cents for the non spell book version threads of disloyalty the spell book non foil version being 72 cents and the non spell book version being 53 cents and finally we have the odd inclusion of blue elemental blast a whopping 91 cents which is up from the non spell book versions that are 13 cents so if you were to add up the total value of the spell book printings of these cards it would come to a total of 17.6 T 4 cents but I want to stress that this is not counting the ninth card the foil card that means there’s one more card to be added to this a foil version of any one of these eight now as you can see from our Jase booster pack that we opened right here our foil card was blue elemental blast which as of the time of printing is valued at about 3.85 cents bring the total value here of the cards that I opened 221 dollars and 49 cents or essentially MSRP dang now I’m really wishing I hadn’t paid $40 for my spell book but I’ll talk about price gouging in a moment meanwhile if I had gotten brainstorm in foil it’s the most expensive spell book foil by the way currently valued at twenty eight dollars and forty nine cents each well that would have changed things dramatically making the total contents worth about forty six dollars and thirteen cents and as you can see the other foils have a range of values accordingly a fewer up there most or not but how needed are these cards as reprints as you can see the spell book copies have essentially halved most of the prices with a few exceptions and the most valuable card being reprinted here was mystical tutor at just under eight dollars so there’s not much in the line of extreme reprints here and that’s fine as MSRP is only $19.99 but that chance at an expensive foil has caused many sellers to increase price on the lottery ticket aspect of these packs as I have mentioned since I can no longer seem to get evaluation samples for review the best deal I could find on short notice was $40 which ended up being very extremely not worth it do not make the mistake I made while I have a lot more to discuss in terms of this product I will say now that paying above MSRP for it is not worth it the product is not worth $40 it is not worth $30 it is not worth $25 I try so hard to urge support of local game stores but inflated prices here on an LG s exclusive is just incredibly frustrating so let’s continue to see if this is worth the MSRP of $19.99 but I will say now don’t pay above MSRP for this period the foiling process here is very bad it’s dark hard to see in fact I could easily miss that this is a foil at all not only is this nothing like the foiling process for from the vault it’s nothing like the regular foiling process in block SATs why is it every set seems to have a different foiling process origins foils look different than innistrad spoils can we just find the best way to foil cards and do that very unhappy with the foiling here if you’re a fan of foils you’re not going to like the signature spell book foiling I actually really love the design of this from the spell book packaging to the premium booster pack but some of the inclusions feel too weak for me blue elemental blast instead of the actually played hydro blast Jayce Bowl Aaron as the mythic planeswalker when Jayce Bowl Aaron sees little to no actual play I’m actually fine with including that alternate part of a 30-cent card like negate for collectors because negate actually sees play so that’s actually fun to bling out your deck assuming you like Jace as the art and if that happens to be your jam having a pimped-out play set of Jace negates is just fine but while I do see how including Jace the Mind sculptor may have been a bit over the top for this product perhaps something like a cryptic command or maybe even a gush would have been nice additions [Music] and I say additions not alternatives there’s eight different cards here non foil this is replacing from the vault which included twice as many cards and all of them were foil why are we getting fewer non foils than the all foil from the vault yes from the vault was more expensive and all its cards were foil but it also included much much more highly pursued cards at least during its glory years since this has been explicitly described as a replacement for from the vault let us take a moment and compare the two from the vault would contain 15 plus premium cards all foil and all of them linked by a theme such as lands or banned cards or artifacts dragons or unplayable board wipes some additions would even preview a card from the upcoming fall set such as when sort of body and mind was included in from the vault relics prior to scars of mirrored and being released although this practice was abandoned in the later from the vault sets because it was a really cool thing to do the MSRP on from the vault sets was 34 99 although the vast majority of these were sold for significantly more than that MSRP due to the extreme value of the cards contained within and the extreme scarcity of printing depending on store size shops would receive on average only 1 5 or usually a maximum of 10 copies which until later sets was absurdly below player based demand then the sets got worse and the demand dwindled and they could be gotten for about 40 to 50 dollars but that wasn’t necessarily a good thing see from the vault unplayable board wipe and thus from the vault fizzled out in its recent sets going from incredible reprints such as from the vault exiled from the vault relics from the vault legends to very lackluster offerings in angels annihilation and from the vault 20 which was messing up mass twenty-five style five years before masters 25 one of the possible problems was that with master sets high-demand reprints were now being reserved for inclusions there instead of from the vault and so no Lilliana of the veil and Karn liberated all ended up in master sets and we ended up with from the vault transform instead of from the vault planeswalkers in many ways the signature spell book series looks to solve all these design problems by powering down the reprints included from high to low to mild and compensating with a lower price tag from the vault may have had a $34.99 MSRP but as I mentioned the better sets of it would sell for $100 and up at time of release huge markups not going to see that here as much also I’m convinced Wizards of the coast had become exhausted with the idea of themes and so having the easy pre-built theme of pick a single planeswalker include whatever spells you want in their color plaster those cards with very repetitive art of that planeswalker seems to remove a step they never had a good time with but again I do like this product it could be better but I like the design I like the presentation I like the freedom of included spells after all any blue spell could have been in here just as any red spell can be in Chandra’s inevitable spell book or any green spell and garrix inevitable spell book more than anything I’d like to see more if not the 15 cards from the vault established itself with that at least round up to a handsome 10 or maybe 11 cards when you include that foil the one random foil is fun but I would still beg the question as to why they are not all foil as from the vault cards were in fact the real question to ask is how would you grade this if it were called from the vault Jace’s spell book and everything else about it including the reduced MSRP and higher print runs were the same would it be worth it to you then final conclusion signature spell books offer fewer cards of lesser value than the from the vault series but also cost less in my evaluation the show between less offered and less cost seems to be more or less on par but I’d like to see future iterations to possibly throw in a couple extra cards as well as increase the value of a few of those included the artwork is all of the namesake planeswalker in the extreme so it will either resonate with you as a player or collector or it will not the foiling however is extremely dull and faded the biggest financial value is in hitting one of the few cards whose foil version is in high demand beyond this you will likely more or less get the exact value of cards in MSRP which is why I urge you to not I repeat not buy this for above MSRP it is a hundred percent not worth it for above MSRP but at MSRP I’d say it’s a B+ great packaging great open-ended design reasonable value and potential to be much much better with minimal tweaks and as Jayce pellerin says the mind can be your greatest weapon or your greatest weakness that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but nonetheless I hope very much this video has been of some help to you you can help me out by remembering to like share subscribe or just by leaving a message did you like the from the vault series are you sad to see it go what do you think of having signature spell books instead and which planeswalker would you like to see a signature spell book of next let me know in the comments below and this video is brought to you by my and many other people’s local games store card Kingdom a brick-and-mortar pillar of this community as well as the patreon support of viewers such as you these are the people that keep tellurian community college going and growing strong so thank you you [Music]