Hey everyone welcome to another roblox VIDEO Have a little something to show you had no idea That there was another vehicle that I was completely unaware of in the new jailbreak update and I feel like a lot of you might not know either because when I when I finally figured out where it is on the map I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT Do is I’m gonna show all of you and then I’m gonna go ahead and compare it to some other vehicles because It’s actually I don’t remember the exact price of it I think it’s on the cheaper side But it’s interesting because it’s also it’s a cool looking car so if you like just the whole flashiness aspect It’s a cool car and then I want to see just how much How well it compares to some of the other cars because if it is indeed cheaper and then some of the other cars are like Hundreds of thousands of monies then maybe it’s a better bang for your buck I don’t know, so let’s go ahead and try it out Why don’t we go grab the the Tron bike first just so we can zip around real quick real easy? And since we’re prisoner and we’re playing jailbreak we might as well be going for that bounty am I right here. We go. Let’s go This donut store, right? Apparently eating the donut it regenerates your health. I don’t know if that’s actually true But if it is that is some good knowledge good knowledge to know okay? Starting off with 250 bounty feeling fantastic Okay Little mr.. Tron bike here. We are let me customize you oh. Oh it looks so good oh It’s so fast so pure the handling so good Everything about this. Okay, so if you want to check out this car what you do is You got to get up on that hill so we’ll just do a quick sharp turn Yeah, there we go alright Then we make it up on the hill Oh, yeah Except you can also just get a bike coming up the highway here, but then you come up here And this is really this feels really like far. Just like out of the way. I don’t know So it’s uh There’s another road you can use to get up here and when you come up here You come up all the way around. There’s this other building up here this little radio tower know What’s happening? Okay here we go and what is this? What is this? What I? Don’t know It looks like a Porsche. I think but it’s 70,000 Otis Porsche 70,000 and You’re well first off convertible. I’m pretty sure this is the first convertible in the game and Let’s give it and as a giving day. Juicy juicy look hold on body color oh Man superlime– what then wait didn’t we also have some sort of like super orange or whatever? No, you had fall chrome deep purple. Deep purple is really cool. This is like a cool Alex car It’s super lime. Yeah, yeah Deep purple is cool. Do you like deep purple? chrome Fully chrome Porch that is cool We could do that. I like this. This is a cool looking car oh? Man okay, so we don’t have to do a perfect speed test but You can see kind of roughly Just how well it compares to the other cars by even if I just count it So I believe we were doing the speed tests Over here, so that we start lined up back here roughly I’m gonna count until we hit the start of the bridge not the overpass but the bridge after that and I believe The Veyron hits seven point six seconds something like that So let’s see how this compares to like the Veyron and then the lamb but was like 8.6. Okay 3 2 1 go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Ok like eight and a half, maybe nine, so wait a second wait a second is this really the same speed as the Lambo No No way cuz this has this has level 5 engine on No way ok hold on let’s get in the Lambo. Oh, that is a police officer No, no no no no, no ok, you know what please officers chasing me I’m gonna go to the criminal base real quick get some weapons that way I Don’t need to worry about Depot Scooters bleep don’t change out of the prisoner outfit Ok perfect now Get back in our pre-cool car not gonna. Lie. It does look pretty sweet alright there. We go oh Don’t mind me oh no you don’t have to do this, please No No, no no, please no Let’s try that do something you have no idea what you’ve just done. I just saw it dude. No clip. Oh wow That dude, just no clips into the building and then killed the police officer that is infinitely okay chillax ch I ll ax x12 You suck, I’m sorry, but no one has fun playing with you and people like you Why do you think it is? Remotely a good idea to noclip into a building shoots players When they can’t in any way attack you how is that fun for anybody? You were you are ruining jailbreak you and people like you are single-handedly Ruining this game, and I hope you are ashamed Because of that it is so so pathetic Just saying if any of you watching this do that Honestly, just like you should be ashamed of yourself your your terrible terrible I don’t know why I tried breaking out when I was surrounded by police officers there by the way. I really messed up Okay, but I actually really wanted to do a speed test with the Lambo So I’m really upset that I got arrested. I genuinely just wanted. I just want to try it. I was pretty close I didn’t have to go Yes, I wasn’t trying to do anything criminal. I just wanted to race the cars I Want to see cuz if the Porsche indeed is just as fast as a Lamborghini Why on earth would anyone buy the Lamborghini? For what was it it’s like 300 grand maybe less It’s like 300 grand, and then the Porsche is 70,000 maybe it’s the Lambos top speed is the crazy part, I don’t know Come on pick pocket pick pocket please yes No go Duh, let’s grab a pistol and then the SWAT gun. Uh-huh go go go go go Yeah, sir it okay. No. No there’s no helicopter What do could open that? There we go no no no he was so far away. How did he arrest me? No? I didn’t know he was coming up right behind me, okay. I’m going police officer. I’m fed up with this I Just want To what no I’m a police officer, and I’m in prison hello. That’s not how that works I Just wanted to try the Lambo. Why is it spotting me in here jailbreak fix your game? What is going on? Okay, can I be a police officer? I can’t even tell if I’m a if I’m a police officer anymore It says I am it spawned me in the prison I don’t want to start here all the way in this prison can it put me somewhere reasonable, please? Hello there. We go no it Just put me back what okay great? You have to start at the very very back of the prison run all the way around why wouldn’t they have? the police spawn right here It’s like logically or like up here in a little police Lobby a police room Okay anyways There we go I can just walk out of here. Thankfully I Go that’s the stupid Lambo all right. I guess I’ll just grab this oh Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, all right okay, just like that there we go Let’s get out of here Okay, man. I really gotta apply all this stuff. Oh good stuff. Is that Chrome it’s this car Chrome right now I think it is oh oh so shiny all right, Lamborghini is looking at Unless level-5 engine just makes everything on the same level. I really don’t know Lambo is here Okay No Lambo is that we haven’t even tried the Tesla actually what do they call in here Oh bad demos? Okay Lambo here finally we can actually test this properly, okay? so Lambo is up against essentially What was the Porsche it was like? Nine eight and a half it was like eight and a half seconds something like that okay here we go and three two what? What? two three four five six seven eight nine No What No, no, no, I almost refuse to believe that How can okay hold on you know what you know what? This calls for the timer to be used because now I’m actually so Incredibly confused with this all right. We got the stopwatch now. We actually have to try this because There’s no way There’s just no way okay ready ladies and gentlemen Three two one go what? They’re actually well here this thing’s going to count it but I’m gonna be ready to press stop as soon as we hit the start of the bridge and oh Okay, nine point five ladies and gentlemen nine point five Seconds let’s go grab the Porsche and see how long it takes compared to the Lambo nine point five That’s crazy nine point five and that’s with a level five engine Engine level five yet. Nothing’s changed there Man what? This seems insane absolutely insane, so hey, let’s get in this here we go Man he’s a cool car – real cool Ok I apologize for my voice guys still recovering from the sickness trying really hard to sound as normal as I can’t Okay Sorry sorry sir didn’t mean to block you there. Okay here. We go okay Sooo compared to nine point five three two one go okay Gonna be ready, please sir don’t get in the way, okay and Okay see here’s ears my problem with this. It’s 9.8 But I had to swerve to the side because someone was on the way there and then Earlier there was the other person I was a little concerned about let’s just uh let’s try that one more time because it’s now it’s up to a matter of like Milliseconds okay here we go Please don’t stand in front that they’re standing on the vehicle no Why? Here, okay all right in three two one. Go all right Ready I’m really hoping that if people are standing on the vehicle right now. It’s not actually hindering this at all and Stop okay nine point seven nine point seven So it actually just seemed about right so Lambo nine point five Porsche nine point seven What’s the Lambo price okay? It’s purchasable for? $100,000 never mind that that’s where I was wrong Lambo is a hundred thousand So it is ever so slightly faster than the Porsche and the Porsche is seventy thousand, so essentially now You got to make the decision joana Lamborghini. Do you want a Porsche Porsche looks really cool, and it’s convertible However the Lambo. I mean it’s a Lamborghini So that’s really up to you to make that decision in the end and then the McLaren McLaren though how much was this one? I’m pretty sure this one was like 300 grand It’s the McLaren yeah, the McLaren was like three hundred thousand, and if the Lambo was like a hundred thousand Was it look like three hundred? I’m pretty sure I don’t fully remember you guys can confirm or deny in the comments below But anyways ladies and gentlemen before my voice completely gives out. I’m gonna leave it there I would like to thank you so much for joining me for another Roblox adventure if you enjoyed please remember to leave the video will like maybe even subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already But other than that I will see you guys in that’s fine You