Personal Injury Attorney – Avoid These Mistakes During Doctor Follow-Ups After Automobile Accidents

Three mistakes to avoid with your doctor after
an auto accident. I’m Steve Kramer. I’m a Florida accident and injury attorney. You’ve
been in an accident. You’re hurt. You’re on your way to see your doctor. What do you need
to be mindful of when you see your doctor and seek medical treatment? You need to know
these factors because they could have a serious impact on the result in your case. And the
first thing you need to know is get in to see that doctor as soon as possible. Because
if you don’t, you may be denied certain insurance coverage. And if you don’t, your injuries
are not going to look as compelling when a jury is evaluating them, when an insurance
adjuster is evaluating them, when really people are looking to see what the significance of
your injuries are. And also, what if you have a serious injury and you don’t seek treatment?
We want you to get better. We don’t want you to be hurt, and if you delay treatment you
might hurt yourself more. Next. Be complete. If you’re not complete with your disclosures
to your doctor, then they might not know what they’re treating. They might not know what
they’re looking for. You might be misdiagnosed, you might be mistreated. They might miss something
that’s important, and we don’t want them to miss anything. We want everything on the table.
That way, any injuries you’ve got are in the record. That way, you can be treated. That
way, the doctor can protect you and get you feeling better. And then the third thing to
avoid – the third thing you’ve got to look out for — is not following up on your medical
treatment. You must follow up on your medical treatment. If you don’t follow the treatment,
you’re not going to get better. If you don’t take the pills, you know, the cancer is not
going to go away. If you don’t exercise after the heart attack, you know, you’re not going
to repair that heart. And the same thing happens when you’re talking about a personal injury
case. If you don’t seek the treatment afterwards, you’re not likely to get better. And when
a jury is looking at your case, you need to show that you’ve been consistent in your treatment.
That you’ve done everything you can do to get better. That you treated because you had
a real injury. You know, when you don’t treat, it raises the question, “Were they even injured
in the first place?” So if you really want to feel better, make sure you’re protected
medically, and to get the best result in your case – make sure you do these things. And
in addition to seeing a doctor, the other thing you’ve got to do is sit down with an
attorney because an attorney is there to help you along in the process. You know, your attorney
should be calling you and reminding you. “Hey, how’s the treatment going? Are you seeing
a doctor? Are you following up? Did you disclose everything?” You know, that attorney should
be there to guide you through that entire process, to answer the questions that you
have, to make you feel comfortable, to really hold your hand and walk you through, you know,
what can be a really difficult time. So if you need help with that, if you have any questions,
give me a call. I’m telling you this because I see this all the time, and I deal with this
every single day. Thanks for watching, I’m Steve Kramer.