Planes, Trains & Automobiles from Bangkok, Thailand to Helsinki, Finland Travel Video

So it’s my birthday today. I am turning twenty
six and we are celebrating by going to Finland. We’ve already announced it but now we’re actually
going and the journey feels real and we’re at the train station waiting for the city
line to take us all the way to the airport. Background music playing. We have our tickets. Background music playing. Well, we’ve just arrived in Istanbul. We’ve
got a few hours to kill before our flight to Helsinki. And that was a really nice flight
from Bangkok. I ended up being able to sleep. The food was awesome. We had hummus and other
things and Turkish Delights. Oh yeah, that was the best. So now we’re just killing a
bit of time. Background music playing. So I certainly wouldn’t mind getting myself
a box of Turkish Delight but not for 25 Euro. Background music playing. When in Turkey what is the one thing we have
to try? You’ve got to have Turkish Delight. We’re found some that were less than 25 Euro.
This four pack here was 11 Euros and I still remember the first time I got introduced to
Turkish Delights. It was when I was a young boy and I was reading the Lion, the Witch
and the Wardrobe from the Chronicles of Narnia. Turkish Delight sounded delicious and I’ve
always wanted to try them. I did get to try them as a child as one of my favorite candies
for sure. Background music playing. What are you having for breakfast over there?
This is my breakfast. Turkish Delight at the airport in Istanbul. This is really good.
Super sweet? Yeah, I love the icing sugar. Okay, let me have some! No! I’m having another. So I finally earned myself a bite. I was able
to pry these out of Audrey’s hands. Oh, please. Isn’t it good? Oh, wow! I like that it has
nuts inside too. Background music playing. So we just arrived in the heart of Helsinki.
We’ve got ourselves a little map and we’re going to try and find our way. Let’s see how
it goes. So we’ve made it to our hotel. It’s been an
extremely long day of multiple flights, buses, tuk-tuks, everything. Even a train to get
here! Now it is time for a hot shower, a bit of a nap and we’re going to explore Helsinki
later on in the day. And we are staying at a former jail.