Porsche Taycan WORLD EXCLUSIVE genuine first drive & launch control testing 0-200kph | Fully Charged

Wow This is an airfield in Germany some hour
and a half away from Stuttgart that’s the Black Forest right there I’m here
not to enjoy aeroplanes I’m here to do some testing for Porsche. Porsche, some
five years ago, brought out the Mission E a concept to say we’re going to build
one of the best battery electric vehicles ever. It’s going to be purely
Porsche but it’s going to be a BEV. They’ve already won Le Mans with hybrids
they’ve already got the outright Nurburgring record of all time with a
hybrid. It’s now time for me to drive this and I am going to be the very first
non- Porsche employee (if you take Mark Webber out of the equation) to drive this
car. 800 volts. 250 kilowatt fast chargeability. Repeatable launch control:
we’ll soon see about that. My job here today is to prove Porsche’s repeatability
of high performance. In other words: can I do
launch control to 200 km/h just relentlessly? It’s on. You might hear a
little hum and that is its low speed mandatory noise I’d love to show you the binnacle and
the screen behind there and the haptic center console (it’s really nice)…
but I can’t! First of all Bernd, a) thank you for
inviting me here go for having to this very large open old Canadian Air Base. So
I’ll be taking this out on the track shortly to give some some shakedowns
zero to 200 km/h. So you had the 918 spyder
which everyone remembers was sort of a big tipping point in acceptance of an
electrified sexy exotic and obviously the fastest cars. Has the DNA of that
trickled down into this? Absolutely it has, for the 918 spyder as you said it was
was the first really performance hybrid …in the world..
Yeah, with a plug!
Yeah with a plug, right! And then it trickled down towards the the other product lines such
as Cayenne, Panamera and then obviously now Taycan. We started like the
whole car on a white sheet But we started for this car with totally new
power trains and almost every part in this power train is completely new for the Taycan. Alright let’s do our first launch control of the day So when you do
ludicrous or ludicrous plus mode in a Tesla P100D, it tells you “Are you sure you
want to do it? Are you sure because it could damage the motors, it could reduce
the battery packs longevity blah blah blah” Although this car is not going to
be able to launch as quickly as a Tesla in that mode… That’s 2.6 seconds for a
Tesla… this will consistently do 0 to 62 mph in just over three seconds.
Foot on the brake, it says hold foot flat on the throttle. You can hear it changes noise: it says “launch control activated”. I’m now going to step off the brake first launch
control… Crikey Mikey! okay! One hundred and sixty…
seventy… Wow! 190… 200 and there we go 220 kilometers per hour. I have come off the throttle gently on the brakes lost my sunglasses
how unprofessional well ladies and gentlemen it’s the first launch control
I’ve ever done in a fully electric Porsche that’s near as dammit in production…
yeah that felt quick that felt quick in fact okay so I’ve got, behind this camera here, I’ve got a V box which is telling me how many seconds
it’s taking me to get to 200 kilometres which is 0 to 124 miles an hour.
I’m gonna stop talking let’s just do this again hold foot flat on the throttle
launch control activated, are you ready? Go! Can you hear it?
I can feel the torque vectoring of the the four-wheel drive system. I’ve got the
throttle mashed we’re gonna hit 220… 220! Roll-off…. I’m gonna rattle off what I think
about the Taycan, nice and quick. Forget this sticker here this is all fake in
there is a vent and that vent is real so it’s like a gill in here. When you’re driving it you can only see the tops of the wings it kind of feels like
a 911 in that respect. It’s a shallower front than a Panamera. At
a glance it looks really similar to a Panamera but it’s not and when you take
off that sticker and that sticker there if I do that that’s its headlight yeah.
It’s just like the Mission e original concept but you’ve got this black
plastic bit that comes down here with a lovely gill there and then you’ve got
the black insert in there which is like an eyelid see that’s actually that’s a
little proper lip. Forget that, that’s just a sticker to throw you off the
scent. I can’t show you how that opens there’s charge doors on each side of
the front wing. Really nifty. That there looks like a camera but it’s not. If I
wipe my hand under it amazing things happen the door slides up but I can’t
show you it yet but it’s on both sides DC and AC on that side I think just AC
on this side. Right foot, feels weird but put it flat on the throttle you can hear the
fake engine noise changes. Launch control is activated, you step off and then
you get… garrgh my gut doesn’t like that but man it grips and goes 150 km/h already…. 180 190 200 210 222 km/h!
Come off, mind the bird on our left…. [laughing] 225 km/h!
So I’m nearly going v-max in the car I’m only 25 kilometers away from the v-max
of the Taycan. I mean I know that the the figures of sort of shade over 3 seconds
0 to 62 miles an hour the reason why I’m here is to talk about the repeatability
that you guys have really tried to hit home on this is not just a high
performance electric car it’s a repeatable high performance electric car.
Is there a confirmed top speed yet or something that’s I mean…
Two fifty is the confirmed
top speed, kilometers an hour, yes yes okay and I have seen there are actually
three or two other Taycan pre-production cars testing today
and I’ve noticed different wheel styles yes so in fact I’ve noticed three
different wheel styles. 20″s… So you’ve been busy looking around!
Well you know I’m a nosey journalist, its sort of what I do. Let’s go! Yeah that twin motors setup is just
going and just gripping. Now let’s talk drivetrain: under us is a lithium ion pack? Yes.
It’s on a bespoke chassis that was made specifically for EV?
LG cells? 408 cells? 34 modules? 800 volts? 800 volts, for sure yes.
You can tell me it’s 800 volts! but everything else…
You can’t confirm?
I can’t conform. Right, okay. I actually felt that jowls try and leave my face then [laughs] I didn’t even know I was that jowly!
Clearly I am. Power-wise what are we talking about? Two motors? Smaller motor
at the front? We are talking about over 600 horsepower. Over 600? Yes.
Okay. Official figures under three and a half seconds 0-100 km/h yes. Under three and a half? It’s gonna be well under 3 and a half! Maybe. But again it’s the repeatability. It’s the
repeatability, as I said we wanted we set out with the goal to build the
Porsche and not have the driver feel the D rating of the car in any
situation. Gaaaaahhh you frigger! [laughing] A hundred and fifty kilometres per hour, a hundred and eighty, a hundred and ninety, two hundred two hundred and ten… 221! Bang!
Off the throttle. Coast for a while… Digest your thoughts. Allow my scrotum to come back out… Wow! There is a two-speed gearbox in there somewhere it’s pretty critical to getting that repeatability of performance and sustained top speed.
One of the lead engineers of this actually went to work for Pininfarina. Go! What’s interesting to me about the
Taycan is that it uses synchronous motors yes that you guys build in-house?
We have a partner, developed it together at Zuffenhausen and as you said
we use permanent synchronous motors and that’s a little bit different to the
usually used asynchronous motors. In terms of cooling the battery pack and
the motors, liquid cooling on both? Yes we have a liquid cooling system and
and also the cooling system is one of our key factors to achieve this repeatability we have of our performance Shall we race it? Let’s race it! Ready? I’m
racing an aeroplane that’s just landed some kind of Learjet thing! 225… 228 that’s
the fastest I’ve been. It’s made out of a combination of aluminium and carbon fibre and a little bit of high tensile steel but it still weighs about two tons
so it’ll probably be lighter than a [Tesla] P100D Model S but it’s still going to be
about the two tonne mark but when I drove it honestly doesn’t feel like a
heavy car, that’s the critical thing Obviously this is four wheel drive so
there’s a motor there of about 200 horsepower there’s a motor there of
about 400 horsepower. That combined energy and grip that’s why you get that
amazing response that’s why you get the amazing turn-in and that feel, the
body control. It’s got air suspension as well by the way.
Launch control, bing! Five four three two one! I didn’t put my head back on the
headrest! Hundred and fifty kilometers per hour… 170…. 180… 190…. 200 225! Again: under 10 seconds on the VBox. And I know that it’s a four-seater, and you class this as a coupe? Yes.
So 4 seat kind of executive coupe thing Two motors? Two motors.
Okay. For now? For now!
Will there be a one motor rear-wheel drive? I’ve read that there will be a rear-wheel drive derivative. Well obviously we’re thinking of a
lot of derivatives that are possible. For now we are starting with a four wheel
drive. So this goes on sale in 2020? End of this year actually [2019].
Okay, so there’s people
that have already paid and put deposits down on these they’ve had a special
certificate, they’re very proud of that. Over twenty thousand people already….
well over twenty thousand people already interested in the car yes.
And they have paid two and a half thousand euros? Two thousand five hundred euros already,
yes. Real money! I guess they can’t wait for the car either!
It will be mass-produced and
it’s not gonna be a one-off car. Wait for launch control, it’s activated,
it’s ready, we’re just gonna go! Caaaaargh!
It doesn’t get boring! It doesn’t get boring, it doesn’t get boring!
(My voice does). 180… 190… 200… 210… 222! This is the flagship car when this Taycan comes
out there will be lower ranking cars that come over the next 18 months which
will be cheaper and which will be lower powered so price-wise I’m gonna say this
car is gonna start at about a hundred and twenty grand It lost a bit of traction then but it
quickly righted itself… 180 kilometres… 90 200… 210… 220… 225!
This is just one model of the Taycan, there’s gonna be a whole raft of Taycans. There’ll be an entry
level rear-wheel drive one. There could be a lighter weight one, you know a GT3
style one? There’ll be cheaper ones than this. There’ll be
rear-wheel drive biased ones. There’ll be more drifty ones! I mean, seriously!
Think about that. Because this car sits between Cayenne and Panamera and if you take the Cayenne Turbo price and the Panamera price it’s around about between
£110k and £130/£140k so expect this car in time to start around
£65 grand which will probably be for a 300 and something horsepower rear-wheel
drive, so a single-motor car. That’s all just educated speculation, not confirmed
by Porsche. Right foot acceleration. Launch control, let’s go! I’m fighting it with my neck, fighting it with my neck! A hundred and fifty… sixty.. one hundred
seventy-five… eighty two… two hundred k’s! At the back here that button there I press
that and the boot goes up. I can’t show you inside the boot but take my word for
it. Let’s just do it again. Corrr! Yeah! Yeah. It’s got active aero here as well
which you can adjust if you press the Range button in the car it apparently
adds about 10% of range which means it would shut the flaps down and make the
car as aerodynamic as possible you know probably dull back the air conditioning
and the throttle responses and stuff like that but you’re talking a 320 mile
range car that can charge at 150 kilowatts in about 40 minutes (0 to
80 percent). People say I don’t like electric cars they’re boring. People say
I’m not going to buy an electric car because they can’t do the range I want
them to do. People say I don’t want an electric car because it takes too long
to charge and it’ll bore me. People don’t buy electric cars because
they say they look rubbish.. I might have found a solution. Just saying, there might
be a solution out there. It has elements of all the existing Porsche range: bits
of 911, bits of Panamera and yet it’s going to stand on its own and I think
the fact that they’ve invited us out today and they’ve actively encouraged us
to abuse the car really by repeating that 0 to 124 miles an hour. We’ve done 30
hard launches the car can still drive home if it wanted to it can recharge
really quickly the build quality is clear the driving charisma is clear
which is essential to a Porsche. This is going to be such a valuable asset to the
Porsche group, the Volkswagen Group and talking of Volkswagens, there’s a
diesel van that’s about to throw me off this airfield so I’m going to say thank
you very much for watching Fully Charged. As usual, Patreons; thank
you for supporting us. We couldn’t do this stuff without you. Thank you to Porsche
who have let us have this world exclusive I’m the first non-Porsche
employee to drive this car I am feeling very smug, I have to say. “Smug mode” as
Robert might say. Thanks for watching, goodbye!