– Hey guys, welcome back! Today we’re taking my RC car
to a shop to get it fixed. Oh yeah! Let’s have some fun! – [Narrator] Welcome back
to Kyle’s fun and games, let’s have some fun! – Guys, we have the Traxxas Slash here. We have another Traxxas Slash, but this one actually makes
noise, which is really cool. We have the E-revo over here, which is awesome, the
shell looks awesome, too. And we have, Zippy. Whoo-hoo! We got this custom clear shells so we can paint them for our race track. We actually have two of these, one for me and one for my mom. So we can paint them, put
them on top of our RC cars, then we’re going to race in
a RC car obstacle course. We’re going to go drop
off my RC car at Sky RC, because they always fix our trucks. We’re at Sky RC, so now let’s take it in. Hopefully they can get
it fixed really fast. Me and my mom are here,
and we’re ready to paint our plastics for the awesome race. Are you ready?
– Oh, yeah. So once we get the bodies
of our cars all painted, then we’re going to
race the monster trucks. For my car, I want to go for something really bright and cheery and happy, so this is my color palette. For my race track, I want
to have pink, yellow, blue, and this really cool aqua color. I haven’t decided on a design yet, but I think I’m just going to
go with my base color first, and just kinda flow with
the inspiration as it comes. – So this is the colors I’m
going to use for my shell. I have this really bright
orange that I’m going to use, but if this doesn’t work, I
might actually use some yellow. And for the base coat, I’m
going to use awesome red. I’m going for a really
cool race car design. We got our cars all painted,
and they look awesome! Mine has some cracks in it, and it’s red back here
and orange up there. And then it’s all green around the rims. It’s so cool! – I decided to go with a blue base coat, which I think looks really cool, a little bit of highlight
and some vibrant green, with the speckles of pink. It looks like pink mud, I love it. I think it looks so good. Guys, tell us up at the poll,
which color you like best. Do you like the red one, or
do you like the blue one? – I should have worn red. – I should have worn
blue, but that’s okay! Hashtag team red for Ginger’s car, hashtag team blue for Kyle’s car. Are you ready to race, Kyle?
– Yeah! – Let’s do it! Kyle, the track is all set up, the cars are on it, ready to go. Are you ready to race? – Yeah!
– Alright, let’s do this! – [Both] Here we go three, two, one, go! (both yelling excitedly) – Oh, no, quick! – Okay, here we go! Here we go! – Kyle’s plastic flew right off! Oh no! – Okay, I gotta go through.
I gotta go right through. Oh, no. This is a little tight. Kyle’s plastic falls off
and he’s still beating me. Oh, yeah. I don’t know how to drive RC cars. – My shell fell, and I
can’t get it back on! Oh, shoot! – Get out of the way! (both yelling excitedly) Kyle, my plastic fell off! This is not working. Here we go. – [Kyle] I still win. – Congratulations, Kyle. As always, Kyle’s the RC champion. He knows how to get that W, right Kyle? Kyle is actually an
excellent RC car driver, so I’m not surprised that he won at all. That’s it for this video, you guys. Thanks Kyle for letting
me be on your channel. This was so fun! If you guys liked this video, you’re definitely going to
like these others on screen, because Kyle picked them just for you. – And I’ll see you guys next time! – [Both] Bye!