RC4WD Unboxing & RC First Run  – RTR 4WD Realistic RC Truck

RC4WD Unboxing & RC First Run – RTR 4WD Realistic RC Truck

Alright guys, back with another Vibes,
today we bring you real cool vibes from RC4WD! It’s a 1/10 scale Desert Runner and we can’t wait to pop it out of the box and show you what time it is,
pop a battery in it and we’re going to take it on the trail and show you how we do it,
so let’s get down in it! Got some really cool stickers here from RC4WD. A box, inside a box, so we’re going to pop this out and show you the vibes. I’m going to flip this over There we go guys, nice, turn this around so you can see the vibes. Okay so, we got the ready-to-run Let’s pop this open and they really strapped down this box, so going to have to cut this open here – we got some cool styrofoam cut out nicely I like that design right here, that is
cool, there we go – from we opened up the box guys and pull out the styrofoam look
really beautiful nice, nice, nice. I like the radio in
orange – favorite color. Let’s pop the radio out and this is a 4-Channel radio, batteries come underneath here. It takes 6 batteries. So we’re going to pop 6 batteries in there
and get this moving for you in a minute, very cool digital display, very very cool. So the radio is nice and light. The trigger is very slick, got a lot of different functions
here, that we’re going to get used to. We got an aerial which goes up and the radio is
2.4 GHz. It’s a pretty good radio but it’s nice and light, it’s not too
heavy in your hand, a little bit big but this is what it is. Alright, so let’s see
what else we got in this box for you guys Two pieces of wipers, so that’s your wiper blades right here – really cool, what else we got, we got some
decals right here to go on the hood kinda carbon fiber looking, and this
piece right here, is your battery compartment to go at the back right here,
so this goes on the tray at the back Alright let’s move on. Now, as you look
inside the box, right here guys, you can see that the tray is opened up –
it’s got these two little latches right here just got to squeeze that like so, it’s going to pull this up and right there … we lock the tray. So really nice cool truck in here we got a sunroof, so let me take the truck out of
the box and get busy with it, guys There you go! Here’s a shot underneath the truck.
Yo beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Let’s give them a shot of the number, right here, we got PH-0071, so cool truck. This here looks like
aluminum but it’s plastic. So that’s a piece of shield here to protect, I guess your
steering arms and stuff. Feeling the tires, it’s really nice and gushy, nice
sticky tires, very small tires, gearbox looking cool. It looks aluminum but to
me, I’ll be honest, it feels like plastic Now right here, where the motor is
connecting is aluminum but right here the gearbox looks like plastic and the
drive shaft is metal, front and back drive shaft is metal and we have independent
suspension up front, that is cool both sides, you can see guys,
we got some cool steering arms, you can adjust it just like a real truck, I like
that and we got the reservoir shocks, nice blue and silver. What else we got,
let me move down here to the servo, that’s the servo that will lock your
differential and you look like this differential will be locked. As I hit the
servo, the four wheels will go into 4 wheel drive at once, so that there’s no
independent locking differential here All will be locked at the same time –
really cool back here. Noticing we got a spare tire, what could be used on any end
of the truck and back here we got lift springs, the lift springs look like you
got a tin piece of metal and plastic at the bottom and we got some reservoir
shocks again – really cool – I like that chassis … You know metal back here so
that is cool to get a hinge already set up for your trailer, that is cool.
We got a hard plastic body, that is nice and this is a black, a black kinda
look, a black gray, in a sense now let’s get down to the goody stuff, this is
where your battery would be coming right here you got your Dean’s plug back there,
so your battery will be coming right here – will soon pop a battery there for you –
we got the back windscreen clear we got seats inside. I noticed the seats,
they didn’t finish molding it but that’s the way it is. Let’s get into the good stuff,
there’s a little latch right here move it forward and you can open up the door
and we get some seats inside there. That is really cool, we got a steering wheel, we got
real good functions in there guys so let me just mention, the mirrors on
the door that is cool – on top here, the sunroof – we
got places to put lights – four cutouts for lights, kind of thing and let’s close
this side of the door whoa it slams really shut, I like that.
Let’s move on the other side of the vehicle and show you the driver’s side, there we go, get a good
shot in there – check out the steering wheel, the gear lever, it’s really cool – even got
cup holders, now that is nice real cool detail that RC4WD put into
this truck. Got nice bucket seats, so I like that – yeah so the detail is really
nice on the truck really, really cool, you know even on the doors and give you a
shot on doors right here, you know they give you a nice cutout. There you can see
really good details on the truck, you know. So, it’s beautiful. Now if you’re wondering if
the back can be opened, it can not be open at the back here, so only the two front doors so this is about it The mirrors, this is what we got going on
here, guys. So yeah, the truck is really cool, got a really good weight to it, nice
and hefty. Now we got HERO marked in front of the truck, we got two tow hooks
up here, we got space here for lights on the both sides. So in time, we’re gonna
light up this truck but this is what it is, right off the box, got some nice
little grille up here, they’re not functionable, it’s just you know kind of
cut out that they give little grooves but that’s it. Pretty truck, I like it
straight out the box, it look serious, I like it and tell me what you guys think
about this truck guys. Let me show you the back side of the truck, let me flip
this around here, show you – I just noticed that we got some tailpipes – see right
here, we got two tailpipes, one here and one there. Let’s turn the truck over and take a look underneath again and see how it’s set up. Now the tailpipes don’t go all the way, just a small piece right here, on the both
sides but that’s alright it’s nice and cool, you know, they gave us
some good details, I like that. What can I tell you, the differential is all in one,
there’s no independent suspension but the spring, we got a lift spring, it’s
got it’s own shocks, got a nice bounce towards it, so we got some travel here
that we could work with and everything seems to be working. We got metal clamps holding down these lift springs, that is cool. So pretty nice details back here guys. I cannot complain the truck looks nice and this is a ready to run. Alright guys, so I want to mention, on the wheel right here, we got six nuts to
remove to get that wheel out, there is no one nut in the middle. There is six, so
it’s a hell of a job to remove this wheel, you know, so I just thought I’d
mentioned that, so you guys know and the tires are from JD Model and as I say, it’s
nice and grippy, nice and grippy feels really good, so we’re going to put it to the
test on the trail and show you how it goes. I noticed back here, we got, I think
we got, you know I’m not sure, if we got space for a light back here, for a brake light
but um that’s a really cool detail right there and I like the sunroof and all the
little light cut outs right here, and this is where your battery plate will be
going to finish up the tray, so just like that – this is really cool, I like that
they have the wheel wells, the tray inside is nice. Let me open up the back
again and show you, there’s two little clips in here, come close cameraman – show them what time it is here right there, pop that so and the back of the tray
of the truck is open, now to put it back in, you got to do the same thing I got it
close it in, see that pins closing in like so, and just like that, you got a
little hole, that this piece of metal goes inside, right here, and that is cool. So we
got the back tail light, let me just check this out for a minute, we got two
holes to put, LED bulbs in here. So we’re going to light this up, you done know
Garage Vibes likes to light up his trucks, and ah, but right now, we’re just going to take this, put it on the trail and show you how it performs, so we going to put some
batteries in the controller alright so, we turned the controller on and
this knob right here, this is for the locking differential,
when you turn this, all four wheels would be locked at once, there is no front locking
differential or back locking differential. Alright this right here,
is your cruise control knob, right here this little thing right here, when you
push it forward, you can go forward and it will cruise for you, make a beeping sound, like so and that would cruise to how fast you want to cruise and you can go
backwards and forward and here, what that does, that gives you the amount of throw
that you want to lock the diff, so if you want to diff a lock very quick or
half way, that will give you same kind of beep and this one right here, what that
does, that centers your steering servo, to keep it level, so we got a few
little controls and this little button, right here, is for you when you have your
lights, that’s your light button to put the light on and off and we got where
you could put your USB right here to set the different control levels, that you want
on your computer we have exit and we have decrease and increase and here we
have enter, so different functions here guys, when you press them to give you
different channels and we got a cool little aerial here, nice orange wheel, so
now we went ahead and put some action figures inside of the vehicle – really cool
action figures guys – we just want to show you, so let’s go inside here and take a
look and show you what’s going on let’s open up this door and cameraman will going in there and show you some really cool action figures that we
put in there so we thought we would put some you know action figures in there to
make the vehicle look really cool, on the trail, so let’s show you the driver guys –
cool action figures inside there and we put the wipers we had to stick it down with a little bit of
glue, so this is what we do and the next mod that we did back here – let’s take you
back at the battery box here – we ended up changing the Dean’s plug to Traxxas, so we
can get our Traxxas batteries to work. So as we here, let’s pop the battery
inside and take this vehicle on the trail and give you a run – show you how it
does. There we go, we got some juice it’s kind of tight inside there guys and it’s a
short battery that can be fitted in here if you have the long batteries – won’t
be able to fit, so we can get that really slick in there, there we go, tuck the wires inside and get the battery cover and just slide it down in here like so. That’s
it, now we can close up the truck and get some vibes – ready-to-run, let’s put him
down on the ground, see how we do