Rent-a-Dad. Russian Movie. StarMedia. Comedy. English Subtitles

Star Media Hi, orphan. You’re in trouble.
Give me the money! Now! Mum! Mummy! Help! Kiryusha! Good morning!
It’s time to get up. Kirill! Get up! It’s half past seven!
We’re being late, sonny. We’re late because your lack
for concentration. Kirill, do you hear me? Get up, quickly! Get up, get up! Here you go! What is it? Kirill, you do it again?
I’ll throw your toy away some day! Go and wash your face!
One, two, three, four, five! And you’re a shot!
And you… are… a shot… Kirill, move it! Rent-a-Dad Faster! Run, run! Fasten your belt. Don’t you think we’re the only people
in the city to fasten our belts? How many times do I have to say it? A – the car is a highly
dangerous means of transport, B – there are rules for using this means… Mum, stop it! C -there are certain safety rules. I know all of that! Good boy! Fasten your belt! He came home from duty. I immediately realized
something had happened. He came, sat at the table and kept silence. I asked him if something had happened. He said: «I’m being sent for a mission» in the town of Ust-Kamenogorsk.
It’s a secret mission’. He left in the morning
and I never saw him again. You should have done something! Of course I was acting, sonny!
I was running around… Can you imagine it?
A man disappeared without any trace! You should have gone to Ust. I was there. And what? No traces. Nothing? Nothing. Maybe he is working under cover
and can’t contact us. Do you think so? Do I think so?
You should have checked this option. ALL right. I’ll go there some day,
to investigate this case and find my dad. Investigate…
One must study well for that, and you got another “C” in History. A “C” is not a “D”. You shouldn’t have any “C”’s.
A “C” in your school is “E” in an ordinary one.
Or a “D” at best. ‘ Why? Because! Because
I pay three thousand a year and they don’t want to disappoint me. And I want you to study well.
Do you get me? I do. The minimal mark for you is a “B”.
Is that clear? It is. Be quick. Here you go!
A “B’” and no less, did you get me? ‘ I did. Go, go, go! What scum! Go upstairs! There he is! Go, go, go! Sonny, be quiet!
I’m from the police, don’t be afraid! Go to the very top! Where is he? He is somewhere near.
I can feel him with my skin. Who are you? Be quiet, boy! Are you scared?
Don’t be afraid. I’m telling I won’t hurt you. Are you really a policeman? Sure I am. You’re working undercover, aren’t you? Under a great cover. You’re my dad, then, right? What? Who is that? Look, bro, has anyone been trying
to enter your home? Who are you? Who? The police! Are you sure
no one’s been trying to enter or not? I am. Why? Why don’t you open the door? We’ll check. Shall I prepare the money too? ALL right, bro. Be well! Good boy! You saved your dad
from a failure. How did you guess it? You told me that you were
from the police – it’s one. You told me that you were
working undercover – it’s two. You decided to hide in my flat knowing
I wouldn’t sell you away – it’s three. And the main point… And the main point…? You called me your son. Did I? You’re a real Sherlock Holmes. I like Bond more. James Bond. Let it be Bond. Shall we eat something? Your dad’s hungry. Where do you say it was? In Ust-Kamenogorsk. Right. In Ust… Kamenogorsk… Exactly… It was so tough there… Drug mafia! They decided to check me out and sent me to Afghanistan. Do you know where Afghanistan is? I do. There was a war there. The war is going on there all the time. It’s a world-wide polygon. Do you know what polygon is? Of course I do. Good boy! Yeah. It got caught
in a real whirligig out there. What happened next? I’ll have a drop of cognac…
I’m shivering… I got nervous. You’re welcome. You’re a good boy.
You help your mum, as I see. Right. Good boy! Well… What was I talking about? About a whirligig. What a whirligig? You said you got in a real whirligig. I didn’t say anything like that!
”A whirligig”!… Can you imagine what would happen to a man caught in a whirligig?
It’s the end! Disability! And you were talking about Afghanistan. Right! Now I remember! Didn’t get at once
what a “whirligig” and “one caught in it”. To hell with it!
I’ll tell you about that later. Right. Why telling twice? What did you say? I said: ”Why telling twice”? Mum, perhaps,
would like to hear about that too. Mum? You know, Mum’d better not see me for now. Why? We can’t meet until the end of my mission. I don’t want to worry her. Let it be our little secret for now. OK? OK. Well… Good. I have to go. Dad! Do you have your mark book about you? Yes. I’ll bring it! It’s so beautiful!
We didn’t have anything Like this! Kirill Dementyev, class 3A.
“B”, “B”, “C”, “C”… ‘ That won’t do, bro!
We’ll work on the “C”’s. Agreed? Take it. I’ll go, it’s time! Yes, Zhenya, do it. Yes, do it.
I’ll check it tomorrow. I’m at home! Bye! Bye! I’m so hungry! Kirill, are you home? Sonny? Hi, Mum. Hi, sonny. You… You’ve eaten
the whole chicken today, haven’t you? Yes. Good boy. Doing History? Good. I’ll go to have a snack.
You sure you don’t want anything? Mum, don’t bother me! ALL right. Hi, Tolyan! Margarita Semionovna, when will it end? What? “What”? When will you stop
barging into my room? You’re not my wife
and not my mother to come every morning without a knock! What haven’t I seen here? I’ve outlived
and three husbands and saw them buried. So, you’re looking for the
fourth candidate, aren’t you? Do you want to see me buried too?
Thank you, but I don’t want that. Spit, spit, you fool! Don’t you want to lie-down in my bad too? Really nice manners you have: barging into other man’s room
at eight o’clock in the morning, insulting him, spitting on his floor, and asking him to spit on his
floor too… I don’t get it! Off with you! I wanted to borrow
some money… till I got paid my pension.
Will you lend me, say, 100 roubles? No, I won’t. Why? Because! Because I’m greedy.
Greedy, you see? I’ve got lots of money. I just live like this out of greed.
My surname is Abramovich. Remember it – Abramovich!
I’ve invested all my money in Chelsea. Do you know what an investment is? I do. You’re not delicate, Tolya!
You’ll be an old bachelor for the rest of your life. Boor you are! …he is such a fool, a piece of fool indeed!
You understand what I mean, don’t you? I tell him: “I need it”. And he asks – “What for?”
Can you imagine: “What for?”?! What do you need it for, really? Ira, what is it with you?
What will I be driving? Where do you need to drive to? Well, if I have a car,
I’ll find places to go. But you have a driver, haven’t you?
Isn’t it convenient? Convenient? Yes, it’s convenient.
For him. To control me. What? Ira, don’t let him know
I told anything to you. Of course! But if Seryoga abandons,
you’ll be sorry for that. I can’t be abandoned.
I’m the most attractive woman! He’ll buy it. No doubt he’ll buy it! You’d better tell me how are YOU doing. I’m fine. Really? “Fine”. Then it means
that you’re not fine. Has anything happened to Kirill? Why Kirill? Who else? I think he started drinking. Who? Kirill? What makes you think so? Alcohol disappears from the bar. By little doses… but regularly. And?… What “And?” He never smells of it. And I’ve never seen him drunk. This means it’s not him. Who else, then? The nanny. If fired her a month ago.
I told you about that. Right. Hooligans, then.
They are terrorizing the poor boy to make him bring
them alcohol to school. Or to the yard. It happens often nowadays,
I’ve read about it. But our school is a good one! That it’s good is bad!
Things are very bad in all good schools! This is nonsense! This is impossible… Ira, stay calm, please.
Look, what if that was you who… No? And you don’t remember
about that after. Such things do happen,
I’ve read about that. Hi, sonny! My name is Bond! James Bond! Mum! Kirill, I want to talk to you. Seriously. I’ve noticed that… eh…
some things had disappeared from our flat recently. I gave it to Petrov.
He’ll give it back soon. What for? Wait:
what do you mean – “he’ll give it back’? ‘ He will. I didn’t give it to him forever. Just to use for some time. To use it? Yes. His is broken.
He asked me and I gave it to him. Wait. What’s broken? A DVD player. A DVD player? Yes. Did you mean something else? No… yes… no… yes.
Kiryusha… are you sure you didn’t give anything else to anybody? – I am.
– Sure? Yes. Alcohol is disappearing from the bar. Alcohol? Yes. – Well, eh… Maybe it… eh…
– What? Evaporated. Evaporated? Stop eating this trash! But… Stop it! Go to sleep! Be quick! James Bond! So, what will you give me today? Dad, I can’t feed you anymore. Why? Well, Mum noticed…
Let’s tell her everything! Let’s do it, Dad! No, sonny, we can’t!
It’s too early! Too early! Okay then, I should go.
I have a special mission for today. May I go with you? Where to? To the special mission. How can you help me with it? I don’t know… Maybe, I can find some money. The money? Take some, just in case. Dad, do you tell lies often? No. Never! Never? Absolutely! No lies! It’s a taboo! Do you know what “taboo” is? I do. There is nothing better
than clear conscience. A person with clear conscience
is a priori beautiful. Do you know what ”a priori” means? I do. Good boy. Truth elevates people! I lied to Mum yesterday. What for? You told me not to say a thing to her.
And she noticed that there was less cognac
in the bottle than before. You know, one may lie sometimes. One may and sometimes
even has to. Imagine… But you just said that it’s bad to lie,
didn’t you? Yes, sonny. It’s bad to lie. But sometimes one can do bad things to avoid
even worse consequences. Do you understand it? I don’t. Is it good to steal? No, it’s bad. Imagine that a scout stole secret papers. The outcomes of a war operation,
or maybe of the war itself and the future of your
entire country depend on them. Is that good in this case? It’s good. You see! So is it good or bad? What? To lie. I’ll explain it to you later.
We’ve come to the place. It feels so good! What are we doing here? Carrying out an operation. How? How? We’re watching the object. Who is the object? The object? Don’t tell anybody, won’t you? It’s classified information.
Not to be disclosed. I swear. The barwoman. The barwoman? Aha. Look at how she is pretending
to be a simpleton! But it’s all right. We won’t buy into that. Has she noticed? No. Why “the object”? What? Why is an object called ”the object”? ‘ Why not ”the subject”? Strange questions you’re asking… Hi, Tolyan. Hello. Why are you so sad? How are you? I’m fine. Fine! Aren’t there
any other places to occupy? Am I interfering with you? You are. How can I interfere
if you’re not doing anything? Let’s go… Who is this boy? He’s my son. Your son? Stop it! How could you… I could! We’re leaving, Mr. Tverdokhlebov and you’re staying! And zipping up! Got it? I did. Who was it? A guy whose case I was investigating once. He is a drunkard and a thief.
He recognized me. Is it bad? Bad? No. I see. What about the object? In case of danger I leave the watch
and the place of action. And then someone else
will take up my place. Can I help you in any other way? Maybe tomorrow. Will you come to meet me from school? Deal. But know what?
Take some money, just in case. I’m under at thick cover now
and can’t make any contacts. And all my money is on the credit card. How much? A thousand. Wow! Well,… I’ve been actually
saving for a guitar… I’llgive you everything back
after the operation ends. Sure! All right. Go home now! Bye! Bye! What number is your school? It’s 306. It is close by, this very street! All right… Kiryusha, hurry up! I’m ready, Mum! Are you? Good boy!
One minute… we’re running! Good… Stand still!
Look at me! Turn around! Give me your hand and we go! One moment, Mum!
I’ve forgotten my mark-book! Be quick! Sonny, do you have any problems? Why do you think so? I don’t know.
You seem to have changed recently. I grew older. Grew older? Right. And I decided to start a new life. To go in for sports and to study well. What for? I mean… this is very good. And what made you take such a decision? I decided to become a detective, like Dad. Like Dad? Yes. You told me that he was a detective. Yes… he was. I believe he is alive.
And he’ll find us soon. He must be having some troubles
at the moment. But he’ll get over them. I’ve noticed changes in Kirill.
But there’s no need to worry. If he were changing for the worse, then your worries would be understandable.
But it’s all right. I just don’t get the reason.
Why all of a sudden? You’re his mother,
so you should know better. Didn’t you notice…
maybe he is being bullied? How? I don’t know. Maybe he is beaten sometimes, maybe somebody takes money from him
or makes him buy vodka. Maybe there are some hooligans… It’s absolutely impossible at our school.
We have perfect order here! Eh… Are you sure? Absolutely! But… Shishkin! You were told not to run
around many times, weren’t you? Can’t you walk? It’s disgraceful! I’ll go, then. Good bye! Good bye! I told you not to run around! Come here, smarty-pants ! – What?
– The taxes! What taxes! One should pay taxes! Ah! I’ve forgotten. All right,
I’ll go and pay them right now. Stand still!
Didn’t you understand me, orphan? You must pay taxes to me! – Eh… Great shoes.
– What? You have great shoes.
What a pity that they are torn! Where? You milksop! Hi. Hi. How are the things? I have two more lessons. I’ll wait. Here you go. Thank you. – Well, I should go.
– Go! Hi, psycho! Hi, Tverdokhleb! How are you? So-so… I see. It’s called depression, bro!
But it can be cured. Don’t! O, no! There is no other way around it. Let’s drink!
Who is that boy who was with you? You were talking some nonsense
about your son… What’s your business? Let’s go to my place and have a good time.
My treat. Dad? Have you ever been beaten? Of course I have been! You know, sonny… life is like this – it’s either
you beat somebody or somebody beats you. Wait! Does anybody beat you? Not really… But he promises to. Who? I see. Come on! There are three options
in tactics of a fight. The first one is when your
enemy is stronger than you. What do you do then?
You pretend to be a coward. He relaxes and feels triumphant. And that is the point
when you should attack him. Here you go! Act with your left hand! Your left hand! More! More! Fingers down! Good! Good! Great! Great! You’ve almost broken my finger! It’ll do for a start. Well, I’m leaving… Negotiations? Don’t interrupt me! I beg your pardon. I’ll be available on the mobile, and…
Or better not. Don’t call me. Postpone all matters for tomorrow… unless it’s something
extremely urgent. Clear? Yes, of course. Extremely urgent, Zhenia! I see. Extremely urgent. This is all lack of politeness.
I was walking down the street once and saw a car going out of a yard. Another car was leaving the opposite yard. They stopped in the very last minute. Nobody wanted to yield.
The drivers went out and started shouting at each other.
One driver was so intelligent, in glasses. Another one was… very plain.
They were very rude. Suddenly a door of the intelligent
one’s car opened and a tender voice said: “Honey, we’re being late for the theatre!” Great! I can see who drank my cognac. Kiryusha, come here. Anatoly Sergeyevitch Panarin, male. 3 Glukhoy Lane, room 7.
Where may that lane be? In Bush Town. It’s not funny.
Why are you keeping silence? What should I say? What the hell do you want of my son? I’m warning you:
If you lie I’ll kill you, got it? Aha. Ask your questions. How did you get acquainted with my son? By chance. I knocked on the wrong door. What flat did you want to come to? 38. You know, it’s another entrance! Can you imagine that? Then I took up
the wrong entrance too. Maybe you took up the wrong house too? What number is this house? I see you don’t want to answer
my questions. I haven’t heard any questions yet. My question was direct and simple –
what were you doing together with my son? What connects you and him? Friendship. Nothing but acquaintance. What connects you with your friends? Common interests! Then we have common interests too! YOU and a ten-year-old boy? Yes, ME and a ten-year-old boy! Were you seducing him? Are you out of your mind? What nonsense are you talking about? Why did you say that you were his father? – Did I really say it?
– You did! Did I? Before asking questions,
Mrs. Investigator, you’d better try to look
into your child’s heart! And find out why does he come up to every crook in the street he sees,
shouting ‘Dad!’? Who drove him to that? Me?
Maybe it’s really me who is responsible for the fact that you’re
married to your job while he has nobody even to talk to? Your child needs a father!
Not fairy-tales about KGB agents, detectives and James Bonds,
but a real father! Maybe it’s really me who deprived
him of his father? Why keeping mum? Say something! It’s is none of your business! No, it is my business now!
He believes I am his dad! Go and tell him this is not so!
Who is his dad? Why do you think
that he had a father at all? I studied biology at school. Do you think it’s easy
for me to bring up my son alone? Stop it! “Easy, ”not easy”… Do you think it was easy find Troy?
It wasn’t! But people did find it!
Once you have a son, then do bring him up!
I‘ve got lots of my own problems! That’s what you get for helping people! Mind this: if I see you with him ever more
you’ll get in trouble! Do you get me? I do. When you cool down,
unfreeze your fridge. Boor! It unfreezes automatically,
by the way! Sonny, do you want us to do
to the cinema together? No. And where do you want to go? Nowhere. You should understand me. I came home, and what did I see?
You were sitting in our kitchen with some drunkard doing God knows what. He is a rogue.
No one knows what to expect of him? Maybe, he wanted to rob us!
All right, he didn’t. But why didn’t you ask my advice before bringing a stranger to our house? It’s not only your home, it’s mine too! I did it because he is my Dad! He asked me not to tell you
about him for now. What makes you think he’s your dad? Did he say it so to you? No. He didn’t want to tell me.
But the facts coincide. What facts? Mum, does it really matter? You’ll insist
that he is not my Dad anyway, wont you?! He is not your Dad! It’s the very thing
I told to you, didn’t I? Jesus! How can I prove to you
that it’s not true? Missed it. No more of this stupid jargon, please! We missed my school. I’d hire that man if I were you. What do you mean? I’d hire him for work. As… As a nanny, a tutor, a babysitter –
call it as you think fit! What are you saying? You must be joking. It’s clear that the boy is emotionally
attached to this man. By driving him out you’ve become if not the boy’s enemy
then the enemy of his friend. And that is bad too. Then in his eyes
you’ll look like a monster and he an angel. An angel? He? He is God knows who! Great! Your position is winning, then. I don’t get your point. If he is a rogue, the boy will get
disappointed in him soon. Thus, you’ll not only get rid of him
in such a way but teach your son to know more about
people and, so to say, use information filters. All right, say, I did it. What next? You should agree, that that in the modern
world flooded with tons of information critical thinking is of great importance. Along with this, you’ll get rid of
an image of a bad mother who is driving a good father away.
Only – you should insist on his telling the boy
that he isn’t his dad. I’m telling you I don’t know this man
and I’m afraid that… He may do some harm to the child… If he hasn’t for now, then he won’t do
that in the future. I think so. Thank you. Can you do me a favour? Will you inform me
of the development of this situation? What for? You see, it’s a very
interesting experiment. And I’d like to monitor it. I’ll think about it… Excuse me, can I ask you
a delicate question? Do you have any children? No. My patients are my children. Why? Nothing. Good bye! Is he handsome? Who? Your… Tolya. I see, he is.
And you like him, don’t you? What are you saying?
Do you understand what he has done? What has he done? What? I don’t understand
what he needs that all for! You think that one can’t act selflessly,
don’t you? YOU are the one to thinks so. That is what you’re constantly
teaching me. All the time! Look, I’m sitting here
and wasting my time… selflessly. Thank you for this gift! Maybe you should listen
to that psychologist? First of all, I think that this is foolish.
Secondly, I’m afraid for my son. And thirdly she is interested
in an experiment and not in my Kirill!
I can see her putting a child into her aquarium with sulphuric acid
and watching him dissolve! Stop it! All psychologists are a bit
over the edge. But they know things. Think about it – you’re injuring Kirill psychologically. Do you understand it? You’re depriving him
of a chance to have a beloved Dad he had been waiting for so long!
You see? And this way… Tolya himself will explain
everything to the boy. And you’ll sack him out in a week.
Do you get it? Never! What the hell? What the… You? I don’t get it. What do you want? Do you have nobody to drink with? Don’t worry about me. If I wanted to drink
I’d find what and whom with. And I’ll be doing that at my own expense,
by the way. I’m impressed. Your morale
seems to be unattainable for me. To drink at one’s own expense –
I just can’t understand that. We need to talk. Coffee? No, thank you. What about the lawyer? I want to offer you a job. – Me?
– Yes, you. As… who, may I ask you? As a tutor. You’ll watch over Kirill, see him off to school
and meet him from school, spend lots of time with him… Everything you were doing
before but for money. You influence my son in a good way. You thought just the opposite two days ago. I’ll pay you 800 dollars a month. But you must stop drinking
and smoking in Kirill’s presence. You must always look decently –
clean-shaven and well-dressed. My assistant Yevgeniy will help
you with that. And the most important thing… you must explain my son
that you’re not his father. So you have decided everything
for me, haven’t you? You don’t get such offers
and such pay every day! I’m waiting for you tomorrow at 8 o’clock.
You know the address. Get dressed! I’m very short of time! Just listen to him! Eat faster! First breakfast, and then sweets! Mum! Where is he? Is something wrong? No. Isn’t your collar too stiff? Kirill, this is Anatoly Sergeyevich. From now on he’ll be seeing
you off to school and back and spending time
with you while I’m working. He’ll explain you the rest. Any questions? No? Go, then! The key to the upper lock,
the lower lock and the entrance door. What’s happened between you? What do you mean? What’s going on?
What will you say about this? What can I say? First of all,
I should say that I’m not your Dad. Your mum thinks
that I influence you in a good way. So she decided to hire me to be
your tutor. It’s a sort of educator… Who came up with this idea? She did. Very funny! Funny what? Rent a Dad to be a tutor. What is this for? You see, Kirill… I’m sorry, but I’ll have to explain
something to you. Let’s start with the fact
that I’m not a scout and not a super-agent
and not an agent at all. I guessed it long ago. How? You were unconvincing…
with that barwoman and… Really? I don’t understand
why you’re playing it all up. I’m a grown-up and can understand
life difficulties. A grown-up! I knew that you’d come back, Dad! This issue must be solved quickly! You must get to know everything
about this man! “And a breaking news. A boy and his father were run over by a car
at the crossing of Trubnaya and Stolypyna streets. Both were taken to the hospital
with bad injuries…” “The subscriber can’t be reached
at the moment.” Negotiations? Zhenya, get the phone!
Call to all the hospitals. We need to find eh… a boy and eh…
a man who were run over by a car. It was the last piece of news on the radio! Think faster!
I need to find them, it’s urgent! Run over… O God, what’s going on? That’s it. You may call me.
This is my mobile. Yes, put it down. Bye! Hello? Boroda? Hi. This is Panarin. This is my mobile. Yes, put it down.
I’m fine. How are you? I have to go. Bye! Talked to all of your friends, have you? Why? I’ve been calling you for an entire hour! I couldn’t reach you!
Your phone is busy all the time! I don’t understand what one can talk
about for an entire hour! What’s happened? Where is Kirill? He must be… Here he is. What did I give you the phone for? What for? Not for fun! To keep in touch
with me! Is it clear? To keep in touch with you, it’s clear. Thank you! Sonny,
why isn’t your phone working? Mum, has anything happened?
You don’t look yourself. Why isn’t your phone working? The battery’s discharged. I see. Yes, Zhenya? Found them?
In the twelfth? Yes, I know it wasn’t Kirill. He is with me, thanks God!
And what’s with them? In the emergency?
Ask if they need any help… Or no. I’ll go to the hospital myself. Thank you very much. Bye! I prohibit you to use the phone
for your own ends. It’s only for calling to me,
Kirill, ambiance, police and emergency service! And you… If you need a battery buy it
and recharge it every night, if you wish. I want your phone to be working
all the time! Got it? Did you get me? I did. Good! – Good evening.
– Good evening. I’m sorry for being so late.
Got much work to do! Is Kirill sleeping? He is. Are you in a hurry? Not very much… Wanna to have a drink with me.
I definitely need it today. They said on the radio that a boy and his father were run
over by a car close to Kirill’s school. I was calling you
and you were out of reach. I thought it were you That’s why I shouted at you.
I’m sorry about that. It’s hard to hurt me. So if it helps you… you may shout at me from time to time. Good idea! It’s been a hard day. And this story… All right, cheers! Do you have children? I’m a pervert. Have you forgotten? It’s not funny. Do you know how
I got scared then? So you don’t want to tell me
your story, do you? Well… There is nothing special
to tell of. I have no children. My wife abandoned me. I turned out to be ill-suited
for the new times, you know. Things happen. All right, I’ll go. Come at 12 tomorrow.
I’ll need to leave for a while. But it’s Saturday tomorrow!
I didn’t mean that… I meant that you could have some rest. I can’t. I’m busy. Did you tell Kirill? About what? About you not being his dad. I did. But he didn’t believe me. He thinks that we worked out some
tricky combination he doesn’t understand for now
but he will with time. Please explain it to him. I will. Good night. Good bye. I have no one to! I know.
I understand everything. All right, I’ll try to find some man.
OK. See you! Seryozha, hi. I’m very sorry to bother you, but can you come
with me to a party in the evening? Tomorrow… Eh-m-m…
All right, excuse me, bye! Are these events real? They are nonsense! But it’s a movie!
And every movie has some defects. You told me – let the sinless one throw
a stone at me! First of all – not at me and secondly –
I wasn’t the one to have said that. Has anything happened, Mum? Happened what? Don’t worry. There is nothing scary there. I don’t worry. Are you shy of me? No. But I go there not to have fun. If there are rumours
that something is wrong with you it becomes more difficult to work. What is wrong with you? I’m perfectly OK! Ira, my dear, hi! How are you? Hi, my dear! I’m fine, thanks.
And how are YOU? Fine. Will you introduce us to each other? This is Anatoly.
He’s a friend of mine and… eh… A pedagogue. And this is Svetlana,
a successful business-lady and an very gifted artist…
since recently. Nice to meet you. Please come in and enjoy! Damn it, Razumovskaya’s over there!
I can’t stand her! See you! Tatiana Mikhaylovna… There are lots of my acquaintances
here so don’t talk too much. Aye-aye! Don’t play fool! – I’ll try.
– Please do! Hello, Anatoly! Hello. Do I know you? No. But I know you a bit.
I’m Sonya, Irina’s close friend. Nice to meet you. Thanks. At last she decided to show you
to the society! To show me to the society? Yes. Why are you so surprised? I think that you’re a grand man! Thank you. You’re welcome. This isn’t enough. Why. Many people lack that. What do you think about this… work? Why are you keeping silence? Shall I say something? Of course you shall! Every body is asking about something
And you should answer something. The most important thing is not
the information itself but the process. To tell you the truth I’m a bad expert
in such kind of painting. If you want to know my opinion
it has nothing to do with painting. That’s where you are! And I was wondering
where my charming guest was! I’ll leave you.
You’re in reliable hands now. What will you say about my work?
But honesty, please! – Honesty?
– Of course. It’s monumental. What an original opinion! You know, this trend of painting is very complicated. It derives from emotions and expression.
Do you understand me? Of course I do. I can’t do that.
Semionov is pressing on everybody… – Who is Semionov?
– You don’t know him, do you? I don’t. Some guy. He emerged just recently. Nobody knows who he is
and where he comes from. But he has lots of money
and influential protection. He might pull many plugs. Look, don’t get hurt, eh? I got you. To paraphrase great Picasso,
emotions and expression are always in tune with the time.
Do you understand me? I do. How is this work called? ”The Morning”. We should go, Anatoly Sergeyevich? Already leaving? Unfortunately yes. It’s time for us to go. I’m very sorry. Have a nice evening! Thanks. I wish you success! Have you arranged your deals? Yes. And why are you anxious? Me? I’m not. Let’s take a walk. What for? You know, I didn’t like it there. You didn’t? I thought you were doing great. Such a society lion. With glasses on… Please deduct all the expenses
on my new image from my fee. Don’t worry. It was a present. Please, do as I ask you to. May I ask you another question? You may. What is it with your husband? Nothing. There was no husband. We were simply Living together.
We were too young. When he got to know that
there would be a baby, he just ran away. Does he know about Kirill? He does. But he doesn’t need Kirill. He lives in America
and he has another family now… and, maybe, some three kids. Do you keep in touch? No we don’t.
I hear a bout him from time to time from our common friends.
Stop asking me silly questions! And what do you do, Mr. Pedagogue? Now – I’m having a walk with you. Did you cheat on children
and drink their parents’ cognac all your life? You must have had some
other occupations. Actually, I’m an archaeologist. Yes, I am! What is so funny? I just imagined society lion turning into a mole with glasses on
and digging into the soil. Don’t you think that, taken in general,
people are like animals? I think that we humans are all divided
by species, groups and types. If you’re a mole,
then who am I in your opinion? A mole or a lion? A little lion. Then you’re a squirrel. Do I jump from a branch to another
branch like a fooI? No. You’re spinning in a wheel
like a clever one. Let’s go to the car, Little Lion. I have to get back to my wheel tomorrow. Let’s go. Thank you! What for? You helped me and…
for the evening in general. Thank you too… for the evening. Why did you give up archaeology? I didn’t. It gave me up. Times changed. Expeditions were cancelled.
The institute was closed. It’s an old story. – See you tomorrow.
– Tolya? I’ll take Kirill to school myself.
Meet him from school, please. Of course. – Good bye.
– Good bye. Hi, orphan! Did you bring it? What? You forgot? He forgot it! He has bad memory.
Just like a girs! He’s looking so… What are you looking at, milksop?
Give me the money! Did I ever promise to give you money? He remembered, charming little boy!
Give it to me! I have none. Such a baby, and having no money? Let us check him up. Next time I’ll break your leg.
I warned you! Dad, what’s wrong with you? We need to talk. Do you want an ice cream? I do. Do you have ice-cream, miss? Only pistachio one. Our fridge’s broken. Will you have pistachio ice-cream? – I will.
– Bring some please. All right. Do you remember us talking about the truth? Of course I do. I want to tell you the truth. I got into a trouble the day we met. Ladies and gentlemen,
don’t hesitate to come up and try to new cognac ”Prestige”.
It has very mild taste. Do you Like it, mister? It’s an ideal combination
of price and quality! Do not hesitate to come up and try it! Where? What? I’m asking Where you are going? Well, it’s easy to understand. There is nothing for you to do there. I don’t get you. I’m talking plain Russian
to you – go to hell! I doubt you attended any Russian lesson
while at school at all. It’s none of your business
what lessons I attended. This presentation is for normal people. I’m not normal, am I? Not fully. I’ll put it right here, eh? Hello. Freeze!! Don’t move, you brat!! Then I was running from them
for a very long time. And they were running after me.
Then there was a house entrance and I entered it after you.
I had no more energy for running. But they weren’t going to leave me alone. I knew that sooner
or later they’d open the door. I ran upstairs. You were there.
You know the rest. Forgive me. That’s how the circumstances turned out. You asked whether I was your Dad
and I answered. I didn’t think then… There was a period in my life
when it was simple for me not to think of anything seriously.
I became rough. Kirill! Kirill! At last I found you, scum! Great! Here you go! What are you doing, brat? Here you go! Hit him! Let me go! Let me go! Are they drunk? This one is sober and those ones are so-so. Kirill, how are you? Fine. Why did they start a fight? Who knows? – Hello. I’m a mother.
– Hello. Whose? What’s happened? Sonny, does it hurt? We need to talk. What shall we talk about?
I’ll prepare a detention report now, it’ll be sent to court… And tomorrow… In private! Come on. Why are you keeping silence?
Why did you start a fight? Sergey? Let the man and the boy out!
It wasn’t their fault. Was it OURS? Zip up, smarty-pants! He provoked us! Mention in the report that Mr. Smarty-Pants was resisting to the police officers. Go to the car! Go to the car! Anatoly, you’re a good man.
I’m glad I’ve hired you. But you have certain past. I don’t want to be afraid for my son.
This is for you. Don’t come to us anymore. You’re fired… Mum, why are all of you are lying
all the time? Who? You’re constantly lying. Dad…. One day he is a dad
and another he is not… How can you live like this?
May I start keeping a dog? You may. What breed would you prefer? An honest one. Hi,Tolyan! Hi. Drinking again? Yes. Why did you come here?
You’re fine, aren’t you? I am fine. Can I become a tutor too? You? You can. They drove you away, didn’t they? No. I left on my own. Why? I was asking them to whiten
the ceilings in their flat For three weeks. They refused.
And I can’t work in such conditions. What ceilings? What ceilings can there be in a flat? To hell with them, though! How are you? Have you switched to robbing yet? You did it all wrong.
You should have tended not to the boy but the hostess. A woman needs a man. And you were fiddling with the boy. I know these bitches.
They only think about one thing… Psycho! Hi, Boroda. I’m all right. To Maritime? Are you joking? I don’t need to pack. I’m ready. When will you come to pick me up? Do you remember my address? deal. Bye. Six Months Later… Hi. Hi. This is for you. Thank you. Come in. This is great! You’re talking as
if you have never eaten sushi. Want some more? Frankly speaking, yes. Give me your plate. Thanks. You’re welcome. You’re welcome. Thanks. I have… how to say… an offer. Some juice? Friends, let’s go to the summer house
this weekend! You scared me!… Come on! Fresh air! Raspberry must have ripened. Kirill, when does raspberry ripen? In winter. Mum, I’ll go. I still have some home work to finish. Some homework… Again! It’s OK. Maybe he’ll like you, after all. I doubt it. Why? He is a good boy… I don’t deny it. He is a good boy.
I’m a good boy. You’re a good girl.
But it doesn’t change a thing. One good boy hates another good boy!
And a good girl… I’d better be going. Won’t you eat anything? Someone has to be brave and… Good luck! Bye! Mum, where are the cleans? What? Clean CDs. I don’t know where your CDs are!
Sit and eat. Maksim Left. Why? Because he left! Eat it, why-boy! Here’s he, coming back. Mum, maybe you shouldn’t… Stop it, Kirill! This is silly, at last! Kirill? I brought a guitar for you! Dad! Kirill! I promised. Thank you. How are you? Fine. What about you? I’m OK too. Well, I’d be going, I think. So, clear off! – Shall I?
– You shall! Then I’ll stay. – Will you?
– I will! The weather was terrible,
the mood was awful. The season is short.
The time is running out. We’d been digging holes for four weeks
and all in vain. And suddenly we found
an occupation layer right near in the camp and only 50 cm under the surface.
Do you know what a occupation layer is? I do. You can’t imagine what we found there!
It’s X century A.D.! Mum, may we go to the zoo
tomorrow together? You may, sonny! And?… The keys to the upper lock,
the lower lock and the entrance door.