SuitedTruckDriver #9  Grote TRUCK Beschadigd achterlicht….woonwijk… Wat hebben die gemeen?

SuitedTruckDriver #9 Grote TRUCK Beschadigd achterlicht….woonwijk… Wat hebben die gemeen?

Hey, look here.. It’s finished! We are building a truck from the ground up, a very unique truck for our ROADSHOW If all goes well, we expect the first tour in june/july 2020. The concept is very unique with real time data and sensoring. A very inoperative story telling around our PLANET PFM Our world of data, reporting and analytics. So we can have in-depth analysis and conversations with our clients on location. The whole concept will be build in a 20 FOOT container, which we place on a truck. So we need a TRUCK which we are bundling currently. We are now at veldhuizen Loosdrecht were they have build the 5th axle under the truck. In the previous video you have seen how they did it. The truck is finished here at Veldhuizen en ready for the next phase. Here i have the key. And today I will personally drive the truck from Loosdrecht to Barneveld.. We will drive to Ematri and hand over the truck to Gert. Gert and his team will start this week the heavy works De-install the front, decollate the cabine mounting the supportchassis and EFFER Crane. and lots of details. Let’s Drive, i’ll take you with me. And as you can see.. It’s ready for us! BIG ASS truck, very impressive.. This is the the axle! Axis number 5! It has no use for the weight which is normally why they build an extra axis under a truck. but mostly for the maneuverability, especially in narrow area”s. It helps pushing the length of the truck trough the turns The construction is quite sophisticated and not completely finished yet. When the truck is completely finished an extra lift frame will be mounted for the 5th axis. But for now it’s done and ready to hit the road! So yeah…it really looks good. They guys did an impressive job and very cool to see how this all worked out. So yeah, let’s find our way…come along! Sow.. Quite a climb! But.. we’re sitting. Let’s go! Well, we are on our way, the highway! It was quite exciting for the first part, leaving Loosdrecht.. When driving off the terrain of Veldhuizen.. Drivetest nr. 1; How far does the back of the truck tilt in a turn? Answer: further than you think! I have hit the back light! My bad, and lesson number 1: the dimensions of this truck, the lenght, it all comes very close.. And i have damaged the rear light in the first bloody corner…:) The only advantage is we will not use the current back lights… but the sloppy part is that this driver underestimated the turn! Geert, my apologizes, i will make it up to you! First thing you do is setting the navigation with all the dimensions and truck sizes off course.. So it will calculate the proper route. BUT.. WT$ it send us directly the inner city of Hilversum Which was drivers test nr. 2 actually, after the residential area in Loosdrecht The inner city of Hilversum.. But Hey, we made it and are nearly in Barneveld. The next gas station I’ll take an coffee. See if i can get used to my new parking place also.. Also something to figure out.. And than quickly drop off our truck @ Ematri! So, this is where we leave the truck behind! We drove from Veldhuizen to Ematri Mark will be one of the technicians working on our truck, i think Mark? Yes. I will do the hydraulics, crane, support chassis. OK, OK. Cabin extension also. So we will see you more often than?
– yes! And what will be the first step? Well, we start with de-installing the whole cabin. We talk about decapitating phase.. – yes full decapitation and skull surgery. Grinding the cabin in half! And put in an extra long piece of bodywork.. -Yes. So, the coming days you have work enough? Euhh, the first months actually! Building the crane and chassis is a big job. – Ok, and well you can take off that rear light also..:) Haha, yes for that one we will find a new one! (Laughing.. but not really..:P)
– yes, find a new one for that.. Well, i hand over the keys, and i’ll leave it here if that’s ok! I have proven i need more training and won’t go onto you small terrain for now..:) MARK: Haha, yes, i will drive it onto our terrain! It’s a fact that whenever you could drive damage onto the truck, it’s better done today in this phase.. That’s true, in this stage we can fix anything. After we’re done it really nasty.. I wish you and your team all the best! Oh shit… key.
– Thanks! bye That’s it, truck is delivered at Ematri, and the guys can eat their heart out in the coming weeks. In the upcoming video’s i will show you more of the works Ans what’s the next step, which is probably Cabin and interior de-installs. And grinding the cabin fully in half. I see you guys in the next video! F&CK… what did i just hit? This isn’t good… Shit, mit Schiesse!