Summer car sale expectations

[Music Playing] For cars,
the traditional start of the summer is a big deal because people are
thinking about taking trips. Dealers have an incentive
to react to that tradition
by offering deals. You know, you get Memorial
Day sales and all these kinds of things that are traditional. So, its a good time to go
shopping because, you know, markets and supplies and
buyers are sort of converging in the idea that this is
the time to do business. The annual car sales rate is
nowhere near what it was back in 07 or 06. That said, its still better than
the disastrous years weve seen with two car companies
going out of business. So theres going to
be a lot of sales. Theres going to be a lot
of incentives for people to go buy a new car and
trade in their old car. You know there is an awful
lot of research showing that fleeting differences in
mood, in our recent history, all have a huge effect
on our buying behavior. Having said that, thats
a bit of a trap for us because buying a car is
a long-term proposition. Take a deep breath, walk
away, dont fall in love with a particular car at
a particular point in time because theyre giving
away hot-dogs and theres balloons there. Think about it, go back
and close the deal. Thats why we have these
three-day rules and so on and so-forth because we
are susceptible to that. Were susceptible to a whole lot
of things that are psychological and fleeting in nature and you
should try and consciously avoid that when making a long
term purchase, like a car.