Système audio d’aide à la conduite automobile

>>DIGITAL AUDIO: INFORMING AND TRANSPORTING>>The PSA Peugeot Citroën Group has always paid close attention to sound quality,>>both in terms of vehicle functions – think the famous thump sound of a closing door >>and, naturally, the sound delivered by the audio system. >>But over the last few years we have witnessed a sea change in sound technology. >>Our relationship to sound, and the way we experience it together, in society, has changed. >>The same applies to in-car sound, >>and so the Group is working on quickly integrating all the new technologies >>and adapting them to the automobile. This is our job. >>New digital audio technologies, among them spatialisation, bring us new experiences and a new relationship to sound. >>They also give more meaning to sound in itself, which is something we can build on to enhance the interaction between drivers and passengers and the in-car system. >>For example, when the satnav voice tells you to turn right, sometimes you have to think a second about which way is right. >>By having the voice command come from the right-hand speaker, the message becomes that much more intuitive, >>cutting down on fatigue and helping you at the wheel. Sound spatialisation plays a key role in driving aids. >>New technologies are all about giving meaning to sound. >>The issue is not strictly about sound quality but about going further in the relationship between man and machine, between man and car. >>Tomorrow’s digital audio technology will change your life in that your sensations themselves will really change. >>Sound before had a virtual, wandering quality, and occasionally played an informative role; >>now it is becoming something that brings you a whole new experience.