The hunt for and finding our EXPEDITION VEHICLE

Cheers guys, we made it! Cheers honey… The day has
arrived!…Yep! Champagne is in order to celebrate!… Mm-hmm…
We are on our way to Montana to pick up our new Expedition Vehicle. Pretty big
news!… It’s kind of like, I kept saying on the way over here, I can’t believe we’re
actually doing this!…. Yes and then we’re gonna proceed to drive around the world
in said vehicle! It has been an amazing process! What we wanted has changed
several times over… You know like, depending on which way the wind
is blowing that day… Is what we’re looking at buying but we bought a 2007
Mitsubishi Fuso FG 140 with a 13 foot box and it is an
awesome machine! And we’re pretty excited to go see this machine in person because
for the past two months we’ve only been looking at it on pictures!…. Yeah like 30
photos. And every night, Ben looks through each one of those… Zoom…Zoom in like oh wow! Did you know this
does that?… So we thought it would be great…
We’re here in Anchorage at the airport and the Alaska Airlines boardroom… If you
don’t have like a boardroom membership… It is the best money…It is the best money you’ll ever
spend if you fly more than like five times the two of you together….
Exactly!…. You know, the drinks are nice but you… Even have snacks, you have the
comfortable seats…Wi-Fi… They let us come into the conference room to drink our
bubbly… And record…Yeah! So let’s take through this process of how we got to this point!
It all started January 25th of 2017 in Quartzsite, Arizona…. Right now I’m gonna
give you a little peek into what might be in store for us or what we’re
planning… But right now, we’re thinking an Expedition Vehicle and RVing around the
world within the next 12 to 18 months… So it feels amazing actually to have
followed through on this… Yeah… I think there were days, weeks maybe even months
where we weren’t sure if we’re gonna pull this off and make it happen!… Well
there’s a lot has happened! We called the shot of 18 months and
we’re pretty much right around the 16 months right now…
But a lot has happened in the past year and a half!… Half…. You know between alot of family…Yeah…
But first stop on our journey was All Terrain warrior and Sports Mobile up in
Fresno. And we were very impressed! Because at that time we were thinking we
wanted a vehicle that could fit into a shipping container…. But I will say to
that uhhmm… Being able…. Having the opportunity to visit all of these places…
The fact that we are on the road and that lent us the ability to do so…. Yeah…
It really helped… It’s priceless knowledge was gained… And even though we ended up
buying something used instead of new… Seeing all of the new ones, helped us to
know because we had to make compromises! You know, to fit in our budget to get the size that we needed…To fit the needs of the journey…. And…. It helped us to have seen all these
different vehicles and know where we could compromise and let things go… And
what ultimately mattered…And what had to be done…Next up…. Since we are on the topic of containable vehicles, we got to see the Earth Cruiser…..We met up with Lance and
Michelle… Outside of Los Angeles and… We actually
borrowed our friends car and drove like six hours just for this opportunity. And
the best part is we got to go for a ride in the vehicle. And that really…. And we’re
not talking a drive down the highway… We’re talking like; They crawled up the
side of a mountain in this FUSO… And that was our first time in a FUSO which we ended up
buying! And we were so impressed with it but yeah!….
And Lance and Michelle, thank you so much for spending the time with us!…. Well
next up, the one that got away…Oh no! On my birthday no less…. So it was a Mitsubishi
Fuso FM not an FG…the bigger body… Which is bigger… But this was a gorgeous camper. Built by..
It was an…Let’s see..An A Trek FM 260 built by a gentleman who has since
passed away… Daren feek and he was a master crafter
of vehicles and the… Interior like set the bar very high and set unrealistic
expectations truthfully… For what type of interior we could expect on these
vehicles…. Yeah….. So moving right along… Let’s talk about ETL Overland. They make
vehicles, I think they’re like a sister company to plan B out of the Salt Lake
City area. They do a lot of Humvee and military vehicle work. And this camper
was really appealing because… They set it up where the bed dropped over the
dinette. Which was a great double use of space… It just ended up not being the
right vehicle for us!…. Next we actually ended up coming home to Alaska. We
stopped in to ETL Overland on our way home and……
And as luck would have it, we ended up bumping into a couple of people who are
up here with EVs. Which really isn’t all that big coincidence because a lot of
people in expedition vehicles come to Alaska for the obvious reasons. So the
first couple that we met, their blog, our brand would be called “Two If Overland” And
Martin and Bethany built their Expedition Vehicle through Global
Expedition Vehicles…. And it is gorgeous!… It is gorgeous fam!….It’s probably one of the most
beautiful ones we’ve ever seen! An LMTV 6×6 chassis….. That thing’s a beast!…Oh it..I was so
impressed that we started considering it! But it was…Especially after he explained like
what it’s capable of… Like they set the salt water for…. You know, they test the
metal in salt water and.. And prove that it won’t rust if you set it there for 20
years! It’s designed to run on the Shh… Terrible….Worst fuels and around…And made to like
bust through barricades, so if you hit something it won’t damage your vehicle…. That really pulled my
man strings and I’m like ahhh…That’s a serious truck!…. And it pulled at my safety strings…
Yeah! We didn’t do any videoing with them.. But if you want to learn more about
their vehicle, Dillon Magna Starr did an interview with them. It’s a great video
and you can see more of their vehicle! Later that summer in Seward we saw a Be
mobile parked kind of in this back lot in Seward. And so we drove past it and
got their Facebook information and I message them. And it turned out to be
a couple… Uhhmmm…. He’s from Germany and she’s from Brazil and you very likely have
seen the video we did with them…Yeah! It’s like one of our biggest videos!… We had the
most amazing time with them. Just really hit it off and…And there were some
really cool features of their vehicle that I just loved!…. What was the coolest
is that it was a Be-mobile and those are manufactured in Europe… Yeah!…. And we
didn’t have the opportunity to see those on a day-to-day basis!
Well moving right along, we had to go see Global Expedition Vehicles. If… We’d be
selling ourselves short if we didn’t…Yeah… Yeah… If you’re doing all this research on
vehicles, you need to see the best manufacturer in the United States! And I
can honestly say that they are the best in the United States. I don’t know
there’s some quality manufacturers in Europe but GXV
in the US hands-down! Top notch!… So once we did all of this research and looked
at all the vehicles that were available… Then we started looking for ours and
we spent hours looking on Expedition portal in the United States, and
out of Germany… That’s a great website! Yeah, fantastic! Next
one that we looked at and you guys all saw pictures of this one. Because we got
pretty serious about it, was in Britain just outside of London….
Yeah…. And it was actually a Sprinter van chassis but it was built like an EV
not like a sprinter van… Yeah, It was like a sprinter cab and then a box on the back.
So it was wider!…And it was 4 wheel drive ..It didn’t have that full-blown expedition vehicle look…
But the inside was incredible…It was beautiful and immaculate. It turns out that the
pictures that were on the website were at the most flattering angles possible
and… Jim got over there and he saw like the panel’s were warped, there was rust,
there was water damage inside the rig…It was not!…. And the… And the vehicle had been in an
accident and they didn’t you know like mention. And that hadn’t
been properly repaired.. Exactly! So… Really…We dodged a bullet on
that one!…So lesson learned there; Have somebody to inspect it for you! Make sure
it’s… Which is kind of ironic because we didn’t have somebody inspect the FUSO
that we just bought… But Dave, we established a great relationship with
him and… Months of talking…Yeah and he’s took it into…. A shop… To a shop…. Yeah so the vehicle has a
clean bill of health!… Well we kind of have to tell the story about this, the one we
ended up with! Ben kept bringing it back to me his like; “You really, honey you’ve
got to look at this thing. The chassis is amazing!” And I started looking at the bones of the vehicle…
Well you said to me something… Like you keep bringing this up so I respect
your opinion let’s see what the hell you’re talking about!
And you look different you saw the truck.. It’s registered in the US which was a
bonus thirty-five thousand miles so it’s hardly even broken in… Yeah, exactly! And it’s the perfect truck to drive around the world…. And in a couple years, we can put a
new box on the back of it! They didn’t skimp on cost for any of the systems
they installed in the rig! It had all of the things your rig…Cassette toilet,
diesel stove, hot water heaters like you know…Perfect kind of hot water
heater for this… Dave built and chose an incredible vehicle!…All the right stuff!… Yep!
So I guess you’re curious about this vehicle and I think we should show it to
you!…. But we’ve gotta get there… Yeah! So we’re in Anchorage now, let’s head to
Livingston, Montana! Okay! Moment of truth guys… You like it?
There’s our new home on wheels! This is a big moment! We have been staring at
pictures for months…. Yes! Dave I can’t thank you enough for
everything!…. You are welcome! This is gonna be quite a journey for you
guys this is it wow so much to take in and so much to show you guys…Yes… I really
hate to do this to you…. Oh here we go… But we’re gonna save like the tour for
another video. Because it’s gonna be such an amazing moment worthy of its own
video! So thanks for hanging with us today as we travelled here to Montana and
you know hearing our story about the process of finding our new vehicle to
drive around the world. Make sure you hit that SUBSCRIBE button… And that’s a wrap!
Thank you!… All the boxes almost all of them, have arrived!And the process of
unpacking these is going to be interesting… Did we bring too much honey?…Time will tell!