The View of the Foundational Vehicle

. The essence of the view of the foundational vehicle
is impermanence. Normally, in our lives there are a lot of problems
and suffering. Suffering starts mainly
from dissatisfaction. There is always a feeling that
something is missing, incomplete. So, how can we be free of that? We have to really know
the nature of phenomena. According to
the foundational vehicle, the nature of phenomena
is impermanent. It is always changing.
It is impermanent. We believe that things are solid, permanent, narrow,
and black and white. These are the causes of suffering,
right? For example, when I was young, I saw that my panic was changing, It is very interesting;
the panic is changing and changing, but when there are a lot of
different pieces connected together, then the panic comes. But in between these pieces, there is a lot of space, there is a lot of movement. Normally, we do not know this. In our lives, if we are too tight on,
for example, our relationships, then our relationships
become worse. You become too tight, there can be a lot of problems. Therefore, once you know that the
nature of things is that they change, and when pieces come together
means they are interdependent, your mind becomes more open,
your mind is not fixed or frozen, and you see reality clearer. There is no…“Me, me, me,” which makes one very sensitive
and really delicate. One easily cries, or blow out. Maybe on the outside, “I am okay,” but inside you are crying. This begin to dissolve
when you understand impermanence. This has really been
of benefit to me, and this is the view
of the basic vehicle. I hope it will be of benefit
for you, too.