Top Tips To SAVE £££ On Electric Car Insurance

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I’m going to be going back really to do an old video I did about electric car
insurance but I’m gonna add some new details to this and that is there is
certain questions that you can answer differently legally as long as you’re
telling the truth that will dramatically decrease the price of your car insurance
and depending on the insurer there’s some certain days you can apply for your
car insurance quote which will drastically affect the end price you pay
on the quote and in some respect it can save you hundreds and hundreds of pounds
by just getting your quote on a different selective day now if you don’t
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straight into some of the things that you can do now some of these things I
mentioned it’s very important that I stress that you only do these things if
they apply to you and it’s legal so don’t try and change something that
isn’t true but some of these things that you can answer on electric car insurance
and general car insurance questions that will dramatically reduce the price
you pay so number one is if you’re living with your partner put it on the
quote that you’re living with a partner don’t put a single if you’re living with
your partner put that if you’re married put that if you have children put that
because having children having have being married and living with a partner
means that for some reason I’m under insurance purposes you are less of a
risk of having a crash therefore it lowers your premium price now there’s
some other things that you can do which is slightly altering your job title
around so we’re not saying to tell me you do something else we are just
talking about changing the description of your job so for example if you are in
my job a car sales manager sales manager might be a cheaper alternative in saying
car sales manager so I’m still telling the truth I am a sales manager
I’m just not putting the car sales manager at the start and there is a
website money-saving expert which will give you a list there’s a link down
below give you a list of all the different job titles that you can use
which it you’ve put your job title in and it will give you a list of five and
you just pick the one that sounds the most applicable to you some of them may
not apply to you in which case do not use them and it will tell you if that
job description is a more expensive premium or a cheaper premium when you
add it in which is a great little tool so that’s the first one I advise to use
this next one is very important that you don’t lie you tell the truth and that is
where you park your car now the insurance question when they ask you is
where you usually park your car at night now it’s very important to note that if
you park it on the road that is the most expensive option reason is if you park
it on the road you’re more likely to have your car damaged by a driver
uninsured driver who may not leave these details at night after he hits your car
and writes off your your brand-new Renault Zoe or brand-new Nissan Leaf so
don’t Park it on the road park it in your garage you may say that might be
the safest option it’s hidden away it’s less likely to be stolen yes that is
cheaper than the road but it’s more expensive than parking you drive and
there’s a couple of reasons for that one if your car got stolen while it’s in the
garage you might not notice until a couple of days if you’re not using the
car for a couple of days the burglars could have stole your car out of the
garage close the garage back up and you were none the wiser you wouldn’t be able
to report that stolen car for a couple of days number two is you’re more likely
to hit your garage and damage it and if you damage that garage the insurance
company have to firm pay for the car and the garage to be fixed which is more
expensive you drive is the cheapest option so if you can park on the drive
for the majority of your driving between two cars if you can mainly be on the
drive the most that is the cheapest option very quick side note if you don’t
want to follow any of these tips and you just want a pretty decent quick cheap
insurance there is a company I mentioned at the end where none of these tips will
apply to they just give you the best quote regardless of when you get the
quote on how you do the quote these two are odd ones that you wouldn’t naturally
think of the ones you could probably work out
yourself put these two are odd for insurance companies they are the oddest
and number one is fully comp is cheaper than third party usually and the reason
for that is insurance companies think if you are willing to insure a car third
party then you’re less responsible in your driving manner you basically don’t
care about the car you driving therefore it hires the risk so if you get a quote
for fully comp it will naturally be cheaper
the other one is some research conducted by again money-saving expert which
looked at when people got the quote thirty days up to the day before the
insurance quote and they found that the they basically plot it on a graph which
I’ll display lovely on the side of the screen here and they found that 21 days
into before your renewal quote was the cheapest date to get your insurance
quality it could differ by a huge amount according to the graph so yes if you’re
gonna get a insurance quote 21 days before the renewal is the cheapest point
which neatly brings me on to which company to use for your electric car
insurance now I have a Renault Zoe 22 kilowatt battery lease for the wife and
that is the car that I’m going to be using this insurance quote now it’s very
worth noting that I also have a BMW i3 120 amp hour which I also run the quote
in exactly the same manner for this video I’m going to be using the Zoe
battery lease because it adds a little bit of complexity and all the other cars
will be a lot of simple to do they’re Zoe’s the hardest to do so therefore if
you’re watching with a Zoe this video is simple if you’re watching with any of a
car just do it as normal so if you have a battery lease it’s very worth noting
that most insurance companies will need to know the price of the car plus the
battery lease so with the car cost you six grand for
example and the battery lease contract says the battery six-round
you need to add six plus six 12 grand very simple that’s all you need to do
for every other car you just set the total price of your car if it’s a non battery lease just state the total price of your car now LV have come up with some
electric car insurance and they are the first
to market they’re not but we’ll just play along with them and that is that
they offer you breakdown insurance as part of it if you run out of charge if
you have a battery lease zoe you don’t need this element of battery recovery
because it’s included in your battery lease but if you’re non battery lease
then it’s useful and for other people it is useful as well so is a nice little extra to
have but it’s not it’s not a deal breaker most insurance companies don’t
charge much to add breakdown cover on anyway now
LV came up with a price after using all the tactics I know that make the
quote a little bit more affordable a bit cheaper and that is me as a second
driver because I do drive the wife’s car so I need to be insured on it like that
decreases it she watch it on the drive because she needs to charge it we
haven’t got a charger in the garage and she can’t charge it on the road so 50%
of the 52% of the time 53% of time majority of the time she’s on the drive
so therefore that was put into that equation they came up with I’ll have to get
my notes because I can’t let’s see my screen shot they came up with four
hundred and seventy three pound which is more than I paid last year with plug in sure so I was like well pluginsure sent me a renewal quote yet and
typically when you get in your quote back it’s it’s usually more so or maybe
I’m sure it’s just technically go up as claims and people and crashes so I was
like I’m after a bit more for the wife’s car insurance
panic then I decided to use a general compare website I think this one was
money supermarket and the cheapest came back was esure a little bit less
shocking they came in it £397.95 and that was including the total price the car
with the battery lease and the battery which is still dearer than what I paid
the year before so I rang plug insure and I asked them where my renewal
document was and they said oh we just post it out to you today and I was like
great and then it came in the post and was it more no it was actually less than
the year i paid before not a lot less 3 pound to be precise 3 pound than a couple
of pence less than they paid last year but what a shock first time I’ve ever
ever had a renewal from the current insurance company I am with that was
less than I paid them in the previous year so plug in sure if you don’t know
who they are I did a video about them last year when I first discovered who
they were they are a electric car specialist for insurance that’s pretty
much all they do BMWs Nissan Leafs the new mg EZs they’ve been doing
quotes on which I’ve seen quite competitive quotes often for the only
manufacturer they do not insure on is Tesla they can’t get anywhere close on
price so if you have a Tesla it’s not worth going to plug-insure if you have
a Jaguar ipace a BMW i3 any other electric car that is not a Tesla plug
ins full electrics then go and use pluginsure they are super cheap but
cheap there’s probably a wrong word they are more competitive than other insurers
with a lot of benefits they’re a family-run company they’re based in
Derbyshire they’ve been really helpful with me with sort of giving me
information on what I need to know about electric cars and insurance wise they
have also a supporter of Derbyshire Ev’s they’re a sponsor of Derbyshire Ev’s so they pay
for leaflets and some of the Derbyshire EV’s associated things and they’re a
family business local family business in Derbyshire and seem to be coming up
cheaper than all the compare websites so thank you from me to pluginsure if you do use them just let them know that I sent you
I’d like to let them know that for their support in other EV communities
that I’m telling you how good they are they insured the BMW for example for I
think it was£400 I think it’s four hundred pound dead on actually I
think it’s four hundred pounder BMW dead on which was I think the cheapest quite
a handle and moneysupermarket website at the times like five hundred and fifty
quid so it was how they’re cheap I’m not just telling you to go there because I
use them I’m telling you to go there because they are the cheapest if there
was a cheaper quote somewhere else I’d be making your video saying how cheap
the other companies were I would hoping that LV we’re going to absolutely
blow Plugunsure out the water after i was speaking to them at fully charged and
they’ve not got anywhere close so thank you so much for watching this week’s
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button and check out patreon thank you so much and I will see you again next