Unique ideas for future-oriented automobiles   모양 바꾸고 뗐다 붙였다까지…미래의 자동차

Unique ideas for future-oriented automobiles 모양 바꾸고 뗐다 붙였다까지…미래의 자동차

From cars than can change their shapes…
to vehicles that can be attached and detached from one another these are just some of the
future-oriented vehicles that were unveiled during Hyundai Motor′s idea festival.
Our Kim Min-ji takes a look. This vehicle can rotate 360 degrees, move
in zigzag patterns and easily fit into small parking spaces.
When driving down narrow roads,… it can even make itself smaller.
“I developed this car to make driving fun, easier and more convenient for inexperienced
drivers, like my wife. Although this car looks like an average SUV,…
the internal layout is what makes it special. The doors can be lifted so it′s able to
turn into a camping tent structure,… and the seats are detachable and can transform
to become their own modes of transportation. Dubbed “Spaceformer” this car was awarded
first place for its unique idea and its potential for mass production.
“I wanted to make a car which users no longer think of as a mere mode of transportation,…
but a part of their life space.” Depending on their purpose,… these vehicles
can be transformed into SUVs or trucks,… change the structural layout of tires,…
or can even be attached to one another. “Although the ideas are small,… there are
so many that can be fused with vehicles. We saw great potential for the future.”
Another form of vehicle that caught the attention of spectators were single modes of transportation,…
including ones that combine with automatic wheelchairs and crutches.
Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.