‘We’re Talking About Me Here; This Is My Show,’ 15-Year-Old Says To Dr. Phil

you wrote into me tell me what you wanted me to get straight with your mom I want my mom to understand that I can’t live off of $1,000 a month and I grew up on a certain lifestyle she can’t just take that away from me immediately if someone took her lifestyle away from her she wouldn’t like that and I grew up on it it’s all I ever know I can’t deal with this and so I can’t do it for help okay so you want me to get her to do what what would be the homerun for you I need her to understand that I need at least $2,500 a month she’s not she works all the time she doesn’t do anything for me she doesn’t drive me anywhere and so other people would have their moms like driving them places buy them food make them food but I have to do everything myself and I need the funds for that so do you do that it when you when you have the money are you in there in the kitchen frying up stuff and mix it up so you eat out a lot yeah I make food at home but then I get bored just I don’t like cooking because it just makes a huge mess and then my mom gets mad at me and I don’t like cleaning up the huge mess and doing the dishes and then I just don’t like getting at home because it’s the same boring food you say she’s out there for you how do you get to school every day I do online school I don’t go to school you don’t lose school I don’t go to like public school for other reasons why not like I just got traumatized I can’t get into that right now but you got traumatized yes part of it as well she couldn’t keep up with a lifestyle of that no yes Beverly here there’s other reasons I’m not just like being abroad about that but you don’t go to school do you say I do online school oh yeah how’s she doing she’s doing okay I had to push her a little bit to get some of those grades up but um when she wants to focus on something she’s doing good yeah and I like it because I I can like actually focus on it cuz I also was behind like in public school I was really behind because it would go so fast and so now I can actually take my time so that’s nice and I don’t have the pressure that I had at school yeah so you you you want a G Wagen for your 16th birthday my do again there’s no question I need it there’s no question yeah you need that yeah my mom’s buying a Bentley for herself why can’t I get a G Wagen why do you need a G Wagen I just I really want the G Wagen well I said you wanted but why do you you said I need the G Wagen well you really like the way it looks I’ve wanted one for over two years now I every time I see them you see so many of them near my house and I just every time I see one I’m in awe I love them they’re just the interior so nice so there’s no blind spots at all like it’s so big and open there’s so much trunk space it’s amazing and they look so nice inside when you’re inside when you see the interior the exterior doesn’t even matter at all it’s just amazing and I really want a nice car she wants to give me a Mercedes c-class I will accept that car started on your Toyota and then I’m fairly good I will be happy with that car but I want my do really a c-class so we started with a like a Honda tweeter I got I started this really not I will not be driving anything that can be considered an uberx what an uberx uberx yes we’re going over Lux and above my car doesn’t cost two hundred thirty one thousand dollars why not I mean why doesn’t it it just seems like an exorbitant amount to spend on a car it just seemed for at least to me I would I just wouldn’t spend it on a car well I I want to we’re talking about me here yes