When This Happens, Your Car is Screwed

rev up your engines this overheating Nissan the engine is overheating customer brought it over here after taking it to other
mechanics you never know what anybody’s actually done they told her
this that and everything else but you got to start out with the basics now number one this is a brand new radiator she told me they paid to put a radiator on
this but it didn’t solve the problem and right away I can see the
cooling fins and there’s no coolant in them I told her I’ll probably use the
thermostat now well it’s low on coolant a thermostat opens and closes but generally isn’t going to make it low on coolant so I really kind of
wonder about that I notice the check engine light is on so I’m gonna test that
first plug in a scan tool turn the key on and see what it says it’s reading
codes got a whole bunch of codes let’s see
what it says the engines running too hot knock sensor driver airbag module now
knock sensors on these v6 Nissan’s go bad all the time at the royal pain to
change you got to take off the intake manifold and that general isn’t gonna
make an engine overheat the only code they’d ever do with the engine
overheating is the one that says the engines overheating we already know that so I’m gonna do a block leak check on this often some fool will change the
radiator when actually the engine is the problem and fixing the radiator
replacing it with a new one like this doesn’t fix anything if the engine is
blowing the head gas a simple test we get the test fluid and start the car
put the test tube over the radiator and take off top it never want to pull off that’s a job getting that off and pour it in and stick the top back on and do some suction now if this dark blue liquid turns
collard green a bright yellow means that gas go to the engines leakage and as you
can see it’s turning yellow quite a difference in color now this
doesn’t surprise me cuz the engine has two hundred and sixty six thousand seven
hundred and ninety-one miles on it and as I sit here and rev it up a little comes
down I can feel it rumbling it just doesn’t feel right to begin with it cost
a fortune to do a head gasket job and who knows a lot of corrosion may be the
heads corrosion inside it’s really not worth the money on this thing to take
the engine apart and attempt to fix it mechanically now the customers decided
to let me remove the thermostat and tried some sealer because if you put
sealer in with the thermostat a lot to make it stick shut then it will really
overheat so we’re gonna remove the thermostat put in some sealer and pray
at last go take the air filter out of the way and we’ll look down here the
thermostat is right inside here we just take the bolts off and we’ll get it out
so we on both the thermostat and there it is we’ll just cut the old thermostat
out so it can’t get stuck then we’ll pull this 3m sealer all over
and stick the gasket over now I use this 3m weather stripping gasket
sealant for two reasons one I don’t want it slipping when I put it in there’s no
working room so I’m gonna let it sit for half an hour while it dries then I’m
gonna put sealer on the outside and bolt the whole thing in that way it’ll
be sealed and not leaked I’ve had tons of them in the past leak if I didn’t use
sealer to hold it in place they’re going cockeyed you get a leak and then you’d
be screaming mad when you filled it up then we put the thermostat housing
back in get all the three bolts in and and put the hose back on then slide
the clamp on using pliers then clamps on nice and tight then want that phone we
don’t want any air leaks that hopefully comes a miracle in a can the bars head
gasket sealer which is part a whole can then pour the coolant in it came out then we start it up and pray the sealer
works now what you want to do now is let it idle about half an hour shut it off the sealer can do its thing let it sit
for a couple hours and then basically drive it around and see what happens
well so far it’s held up only times gonna tell on that but now you know what
to do if your engine is overheating even though you’ve already replaced the
radiator and it didn’t fix the problem in the first place, so if you never want
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