[Police Siren & Gun Shots] Shut up All right, I hired you guys because you’re the best criminals in your respective gangs. Now let’s go rob this jewelry store *Dramatic Music* All right, remember we only have 45 seconds before the alarm goes off. Let’s rock and roll *Suddenly realizes no ones there, and runs back to car* Guys! What the f**k are you doing? Waiting for you to rob the jewelry store, so you could get in the car I could drive off, we get the hell out of here. Yes. I understand what you’re doing because you’re the getaway driver, but what about them? We are also the Getaway drivers. I drive cars What no guys I don’t need three getaway drivers. Then why’d you hire three Getaway drivers? Yeah? I was thinking the same thing Okay, look guys. I might have overlooked your resumes just a little bit and that’s my bad But guys we only need one Getaway driver. I drive cars Fine Ryan, you’ll drive Sasha jason. You’re with me. Let’s go Just a couple of us mustache men in one hot bride am I right let’s do this! Okay shut up this is my thing so I get the catchphrases okay It’s my thing Let’s Rock and roll *Gun Clicks* Why are you guys holding your guns like that It just feels natural. Is this wrong? Yes of course. It’s wrong! Okay you’re gonna shoot anything if it’s sideways Well that’s not true. If you spin it in a circle if you shoot [Gun Shot] anybody. [Gun Shot] [Gun Shot] 360 [Gun Shot] radi-[Gun Shot]-us [Gun Shot]This is [Gun Shot] fun! JEEZ YOU’RE [Gun Shot] GONNA SHOOT [Gun Shot – Gun Shot] YOURSELF!! AWWW!! All right, I shot myself I am sorry. God dammit. Okay Sasha, just go back in the car and wait okay. All right now it’s just a couple of us mustache bros. Heh-Heh We’re like the Mario brothers right? I’m mario an’ you’re uh; An’ you’re Linguini Yeah, whatever Let’s Rock and roll Wait! Should we discuss who goes first? I think it should probably be best mustache goes first, right? okay. Wait okay, so so I’ll go in first and when I get- Wai- wa- wa- wait hold up, hold up You think you have a better mustache than me? Yeah, isn’t it obvious PFF- HA-weez! HA! No, it isn’t obvious your mustache sucks. I’ve seen a better mustache on a five-year-old girl. I have a better mustache on my asshole. Hey was actually to tell you earlier. I really hate looking at your face. You look like somebody that was playing with the sims and said what’s the worst mustache? I can put on a person you know just please as soon as we’re done with this cut that off, It’s an abomination It’s an embarrassment. You should be ashamed of yourself. So can we just do this? Okay Let’s Rock and roll Freeze!! [Police Siren] Sasha what do you think you’re doing? My name isn’t “Sasha Criminalmen”. It’s Sasha Lawmen, and I’m an undercover cop! Oh, how could you do this to us!? For justice! But something happened in that Getaway car. I fell in love (Together) With me? Hell no. With Ryan I drive cars He has such a way [with] words I Drive Cars Ryan you’re right I should help them with one last job I’m gonna help you with one last job But you have to promise that afterwards you’ll flee the country and live the rest of your lives as fugitives. Wow Just like the plot of fast five. And in fast 6. And Furious 7. I drive cars Alright, well let’s just get on with it guys. Alright.Let’s Rock N. Roll No, no, that’s my catchphrase. Time to get Sweaty Nope, no let’s just stick to my catchphrase an’ only my catchphrase. I drive cars No! Guys can we just do my- Sun’s out Guns out! I came here to kick ass and chew bubble! I drive cars Let’s get down to business- And live life a quarter mile at a time. Okay f**k it. I’m just going Alright listen uuuu-p Um excuse me um is this not a jewelry store? Uhhhh. Nope. Hi, Men and gentle ladies Thank you so much for subscribing and liking my moustache click the venue on the left to watch bloopers from this video and some deleted scenes and click the box on the right to see what action movies would be like in real life And now you can click these boxes on your phone. Hell. Yeah